How can I get my family member to leave me their house

My grandmother died and the house is in my uncles name. We split the rent and bills but he’s very passive aggressive and sucky to live with. How could I get him to leave me the house so he can go live far away from me? Banishment spell? Also on a scale of one to extremely difficult how difficult is this ?

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A spell for inheritance and for him to die.

The odds of someone that’s passive aggressive leaving you a house and moving elsewhere is extremely slim. They’ll sell it, to move somewhere else.


I believe there’s a ritual in the book Angels of Wrath called Forced Exile.

Sweeten him up with a honey jar

Call on a spirit to influence & manipulate his thoughts, to leave you the house.

I would say curse him, but you two live in the same house & you don’t want that energy around you, affecting you as well…but if you think it’s best, curse him, make him fall ill etc.

Ritual for you to find another place to live (if that’s what you ultimately have to do)


Find a reason to move away, like an amazing new girlfriend or job, that give him on offer he can’t refuse.
Look up Aesops fable of the sun and the wind.

Cursing him, unless it’s a death curse so "far away’ means dead, is likely to make your life worse as he takes it all out on you.


Queen thank you very much for that suggestion… it has great reviews

i just ordered it. thank you.

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Sure @Lucifers_Daughter, no problem at all. I found that book to be very helpful, and I hope you do as well.