How can I find out the date of my death?

The date of death can be calculated on the birth chart, does anyone have any information on this?

Can astrologers calculate this with the** Hilage** method?

And how can I postpone this date forward? :slight_smile:

Yes there are various methods in traditional astrology on how to calculate this. A lot of factors tend to be considered. The Lord of the Ascendant is looked at to see if they are well dignified or afflicted, the 5 Hylegical points are also considered, as is the Lord of the 8th House. Firdaria may also be taken into account, but I’m afraid I have not studied traditional natal astrology.

Unfortunately I cannot reference a chapter that I have personally read on this, but you should be able to find techniques for this in the Third Book of William Lilly’s “Christian Astrology” (17th Century work on Horary and Natal Astrology). You should also find techniques for this in John Gadbury’s “Doctrine of Nativities” (Also a 17th Century work on Natal Astrology).
Horary Astrology can also determine this, and this can be read about in the First and Second Book of Christian Astrology.


Thanks for the resources. Do you think it’s possible for a goetia demon to know this? For example “Astaroth”

If they are a spirit who knows the past, present, and future, then yes they can know it. I don’t know much about Astaroth, but Prince Orobas is a Demon relating to Divination. He should be able to reveal it.

Rather complicated question. To give a short answer, my opinion is that yes, you can postpone it (Or, perhaps “Change it” is more appropriate), but it can be exceedingly difficulty to do so.

Take a look at my post here which briefly deals on the traditional view of fate:

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I’ve been in the same effort in my last 5 lives. I don’t want to die when I’m this close to my goals. But I feel like this time I’ll make it

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I think in astrology is called Anaretta, the closer the planets are to the angle 29 it’s supposed to be somewhat related to things that can cause transformation, even death.
I don’t know much about this, but my astrologer talks a lot about this stuff.

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I just spoke to a writer friend of mine. He himself had recently recovered from cancer and was wondering when he would die, and learned from Astaroth. Astaroth said that he would die very soon. Thereupon, he postponed the date of death to a much later date with a ceremonial ritual…:coffin:

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