Geomancy Readings (Closed)

A full reading is possible, but it takes a lot of time to interpret and write out. I’ll do it for you, however.


I’d like to take one :slight_smile:
Should I continue to include the Lataif in my current energetical excercises?

@Thierry007 you can pose your question and I’ll see if I am willing to cast a chart for it. No need to delete your post! :slight_smile:

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May I have one, please, if it’s still open …

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Thanks i have read in a post that when we do divination and a result will predict the probablity of manifestation of that result increases,for example if i say can i immigrate and you answer “no” the chance of failing increases.
Is it right?
Because of that I deleted however I need a reading though

You may ask your question @Ignited! As @Thierry007’s question is not necessarily a question for divination.

My answer to this is no, as that is not how this works in my view and experience. The idea that the future is completely random and when we do divination it “locks” that future into place exists in a worldview where everything is random. However, in my experience things are not random at all.

If everything was random then traditional Natal Astrology and Electional Astrology would not work. However, they very much do. They all work whether a person believes in them or not. Everyone is subject to a higher spiritual cycle that moves this material world, whether they are aware of it or not, or if they are willing or not. You can see this for yourself, just with the planetary hours. People act and feel appropriately to the Planetary Hour. In the Hour of Mars, people are more angry and argumentive, and have the more will to get things done at times. In the Hours of Venus and Mercury, people are more loving and talkative. I, and others who Practice this, find this to be very true. Even the animals play and fight etc. According to the Planetary Hours. Hermes Trismegistus famously said in the Emerald Tablet “As Above, So Below”, which is to say, we move in line with the stars and planets above.

In fact, divination itself would not work if everything was random (according to Plotinus).
And this is why I never ask for birth times, names, or pictures when doing a Geomancy or Tarot reading for someone. I don’t need anything to “connect” to the person, as this is not about “energy”. This works through the harmony and synpathy between all things in the cosmos. As Plotinus says, the entire cosmos is one Unified Living Being. So, as Plotinus says, divination works in such a way as how a Physician looks at one part of the body and is able to gather information about another.

Now, there are times when we exert free will, and this power comes from the Soul. However, traditionally it is seen that the Spirit (the intermediary between the Body and Soul) is under the influence of the Stars and Planets (however, I do not necessarily mean the material stars and planets), and Spirit is linked to emotions. When are we not acting from our emotions or passions? For this reason, exerting free will is exceptionally rare.


Thanks! @Dankquanicus
My question is… my health it’s going to get worse in the next months?

The first part of your life seems to have been especially marked by loss, and this may extend to the present time. You may also be especially lustful, always seeking after sexual experiences, and this may be rather excessive.

In wealth, you will gain quite a bit of wealth, being fortunate therein. You won’t be immensily rich, but you will have enough to live a comfortable life according to your country, even having more to spare at your leisure. You may not hold on to your wealth very long, being prone to spending it, but you’ll have enough that this is not such a big issue.

Your wealth may also relate to siblings if you have any, but also to your neighbours and short journeys around your city or its surrounding area. If you have siblings, they themselves will be rather fortunate and wealthy, and may be rather competitive and envious.

You may not own much property, and move frequently from location to location, residence to residence. If you come to own property, it is unlikely that this property will be kept for a long period of time.

Having children is very possible, and they will mostly be male.
Your pleasure and enjoyment in life may also be rather changeable, being subverted significantly at times. This may be linked to troubles to keep property or remain in one residence for too long.

Your health will be good throughout, and you will generally be strong in that regard.

In terms of love, I’m afraid that area of life will be difficult, with you being quite restricted in finding a good partner, or finding a lover. It will not be easy and this part is generally marked by restriction. Considering this and your demeanor, I am guessing Venus was afflicted by essential dignity when you were born (That is, she was in Aries, Scorpio, or Virgo).

I won’t mention anything regarding manner of death, but if you’d like to know about that from this, you can PM me and I’ll let you know what I can interpret from this.

In terms of spirituality, you’ll also be rather fortunate in this regard, learning many things and excelling in a path you go towards, obtaining much spiritual knowledge.
Travelling to another nation is also possible.

In work, you will also be very fortunate, acquiring a good job and a good reputation for yourself among others. You will be known well and others will think highly of you.

You’ll also have good and honest friends. They will be honourable, and very joyful company. So you’ll be fortunate in that regard as well. They may not always keep to their promises, talking more than taking to action, but they will be honest in heart.

You also won’t find any severe restrictions in life such as imprisonment or generally very difficult situations like that which would not be escapable. If they arise, you will overcome them and be well. You also will not have many secret enemies, and you will not have much trouble with curses cast against you.

Generally, your life will be fortunate and you will gain much throughout, and having much interaction with others. The latter part of your life and the end will be less fortunate, marked by some restrictions and changeablity in conditions. It seems this mostly arises from the trouble to keep a residence and hold property, or by frequently moving. This trouble may be most prominent towards the end of your life.

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It is quite appropriate to ask such a question for an art like this which originates from the Arabs! (Or, from Africa. Scholars are not entirely sure).

I would say it is best to limit it. The practice is very powerful but has enraged you in the past or caused some sort of distemper in that way. This may be a result of the spiritual practice itself, and it will lead to more anger in the future, but with vigor and strength.

From this, ultimately it is best to not include it in your current practice. I said limit, but the chart advises to exclude it, and therefore I ultimately advise to exclude it as well.

The practice is very powerful and potent, so it may be the way you are interacting with it that is causing trouble. The power may be too intense and causes troubles in you, that lead to anger and inner conflict. It would also lead to a good deal of sorrow in you.

It is best to exclude using this, even though you enjoy using it and it is pleasant for you to use it and include it. But, it is advised to rather exclude it from your current energetical practice, but you can be certain it is potent, and may have other uses for that reason.

What is coming to my mind is the use of plants and herbs to affect the Lataif. I know nothing of the Lataif, but this is what came to my mind. You may wish to look into that instead.

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Firstly, I want to add that I cannot give medical advice as I am not a doctor. And naturally, if you are worried about your health, you should consult and keep in touch with a doctor if you are not already!

With that said, from the chart I can see your health will be rather stable the coming months. You health will not take a large decline, however you will face some trouble.

This trouble is likely to be a wound, or injury caused through force or something of that sort, rather than a disease, unless that disease is Martial in nature. So, your health will not decline from disease but you may become wounded or injured in the coming months, so watch out for that.

Otherwise, I don’t believe this will be severe, and you will recover from it. In that way, your health will be rather stable and will not decline drastically.

Be careful of fights and excessive anger and rage.

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I’m already taking medical advice, don’t worry, but they are being quite slow, I just wanted to have some clarity.

Makes sense, in the upcoming months I’ll be facing a lot of work that includes putting a lot of physical effort.

Exactly my temper :grimacing:
I’ll be careful, fights are always a big temptation to me

Thanks a lot! @Dankquanicus

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Perfect, thats exactly what needs to be done.
Thank you for your reading, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Of course! Glad if it can be helpful to you.

I want to add, I had the feeling before that you will continue to use it despite the reading, so if that is what you will do I want to add something: For one reason or another, the Judge of the chart still suggests to rather exclude using the Lataif from this practice. This is despite the outcome or affect the outcome has on you in this case. So, I would suggest contemplating deeply if this is the best thing for you, or the most viable for you as a unique individual.


Have three people asked for a reading?

Hey there! Hope you’ve been well. Yes the thread has been closed again, but I may open it again rather soon for another few questions.

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I have been! Thanks for letting me know though, i hope you have a good day😌

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Thanks, you too! :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone! I’m doing 1 reading for the next 3 people to request one again.

Again, it is best if the question is in a yes/no format, but inquiring about the quality of a thing, person, or place is also fine.

I don’t generally accept questions about spirits on here, but there may be an exception. And asking other questions about spirituality such as “Should I pursue X spiritual path?” Is perfectly fine.


Will I be able to train my manifestation skills to the point of attaining all that I desire?

I have one question
Can i ask?