How can I evoke godess Morrigan?

Found a sigil here but not sure about it , also tried with the site sigil engine , write evoke godess Morrigan with respect and made of sigil but nothing happened , how you guys are doing it ? Thank you .

Can I see it, please?

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Sure this 2

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The big one seem legit.

Guess need to try more xD , will try again tonight hopefully will be better


The Morrighan doesn’t need or have a sigil, those are for daemons of the Western occult, and she is from much older Celtic systems.

Just call her name “The Morrighan”.
Joey Morris’ yt channel has a lot of good information and advice about working with her. It’s ideal if she calls you, before you start working with her, she’s one to do the choosing not the other way around.


She called on to me , had some dreams about her , in one she lent me her hand , most amazing feeling ever , just want to be able to communicate with her , that’s why I thought if i can evocate her will check that thank you

Deities are generally not evoked, because while you can mix systems and techniques, when you’re still learning it’s a good idea to stick to the methods within a tradition, learn how it works as it’s own thing, learn how the 2nd system works as it’s own thing and after that find ways to combine them.

(Btw evocate is not actually a word, you want ‘evoke’ :slight_smile: )

Maybe try invocation, or ‘drawing down’, which are more traditional for working with pagan pantheons.

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The Morrigan didn’t originally exist as an individual but a group of sisters babd, macha, and Nemain, with sometimes there being a fourth sister Danu/Anu.

You can use an evocation to bring her/them, or a Celtic symbol that is often linked to her.


Babd appeared to me in a lucid dream in the form of a banshee and she did the banshee scream at me :slight_smile: , Neiman offered me her hand :raised_hand: :two_hearts:


I highly recommend invocations or even prayers as it’s what connected me with those energies. Even just praying to them helps (not asking for things, just using it as a method to contact them).


Just chant her name until she comes, their name is enough to call on demons and gods, you dont need an enn or sigils

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There’s many different ways to evoke a spirit. Many spirits/deities didn’t have sigils until very recently, and most still don’t. The spirit sigil is a recent invention. It acts more as a focus, then is necessary.

If you want a sigil, make one out of the goddesses name - then use the rose cross
(sigil generator, don’t know if right name) methodd to turn that into a sigil. That’s an easy way to make a sigil for an entity that doesn’t have one, if you know their name. Might had the title (in this case, goddess) to help further identify who’s sigil it is. Besides that, opening it with the intent to connect with said goddess should work just fine.

Another note. Before the time of sigils. People used other things to help focus on their chosen spirit. Things like pictures, inscence (that corresponds with said being), candles (same as above), statues, etc etc. Chanting mantras or other things help too. All this can help pinpoint your focus down to the entity to help focus your mind. Again it’s more a focal point then necessary.

All you actually need is intent and action to direct it.

So there’s many ways.

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