How can I contact someone who died 5 months ago

This person committed suicide and I want to communicate with her to see how she is. The death really got to me. She left because she felt like her spirit didnt belong here.

Call Bune. She is a psychopomp and can put you in touch.


Bune would be a good one to get in contact with, Anubis as well. I have found that mediating at the person’s grave or a shrine for the deceased you made can also be incredibly powerful, especially if you use fire or water as a “middle ground” to communicate via scrying

Do i need to be a medium to communicate?

Use one or more of these incenses: opium or spring poppies stick, and (stick or resin) frankincense, cloves, copal. When directly contacting the dead, a green light may be helpful, provided that the light is softened by covering its source with some material, without catching fire. In any case also all the available items, such as a photo.


Depends if they reincarnated or not. If they reincarnated you’d be evoking their current self either here or in another place entirely not of this plane. If not then you would be evoking wherever they are now in their “unreincarnated” state.

When an old friend of mine died, we all found her in the etheric with her “people” by this I mean she killed herself for the same reason, she didn’t feel as though she belonged here. When we found her she was with some other entities, and her soul actually was part of that race of entities, she was happy. Which gave some of my friends peace of mind. I was partly jealous/partly intrigued.


I think so. They can hear you, but you may not be able to hear them.

Anyone can be a medium, it’s just someone calling themselves such due to being able to perceive entities. So working on your clairs be it hearing, sight, feeling, whichever or all depending on what you want to do.

That’s true. I can already hear voices if I focus on what I’m hearing. Sometimes it’s faint, sometimes it’s clear.

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then maybe you are a natural medium.

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That was one of my worries actually, if she had reincarnated already. How does evoking someones current self work if they’re no longer dead? Would they be confused? I wonder if I can still get information regardless.

Thats awesome how you guys found her and was able to get closure. Exactly what I’m trying to do. Were you able to see the actual etheric body?

I thought suiciders go to a painful place

I hope not!

Nope, that depends on your faith, if you follow the judeo faith you give that pantheon power over where you go, if you follow the Norse Pantheon, same case. However, it’s optional still. People overall control their afterlife if they want to reincarnate or go “home”.

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Yes, but it didn’t look like her physical self, it looked like what her soul was. However, the energy signature was still the same.

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you evoke their astral/etheric body which the subconscious controls unless they are projecting into it.


In necromancy there is a post-mortem basis for the condition of the deceased.
1-Dead / period in which the deceased enters the reason he has disembodied and is in the phase of adapting to his station or condition after leaving the body where he resided.
2- Encourage / when you understand and accept your new status and profile the evolution of your condition in the world of the disembodied.
3- Spirit / when it reaches this evolutionary stage, the process of incarnation will be arranged in the precise time.

It is common to note that when it is in the first phase it does not have the etheric energy to manifest itself in this plane, and it will be through an experienced mediumistic channeling that could be made contact since it has not coordinated its out-of-body phase and in many cases it is unsuccessful More not impossible.


I believe in free will. Not forced incarnation. As long as your ego still exists, you will have choice whether to reincarnate or not.

It is true! there are pacts that are made to serve a deity or to form ranks of their spiritual army without going to a new incarnation, it is a very common practice in experienced necromancers

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There are beings who can force someone to reincarnate, of course one can put up a fight but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Some angels, some demons, Gods, etc, have the ability to force someone against their will to reincarnate.
Of course it’s not like mind control type force but it’s still force.