How can I contact clauneck easy?

I want to summon Clauneck.

  1. What will I offer him if he appears?

  2. Will he go away with the offerings? If he leaves them behind, what will I do with them?

  3. Can I print the Pentagram from business centre because I am not sure I can do art work.

Please, I need enlightenment

Firstly please head over to introduce yourself as that’s a rule Click here and post intro here

Then I recommend spending some time reading and searching through the tutorials others have written to help and you can use the magnifying glass :mag: to search for


Vibrate his enn while charging his sigil.

  1. Libations of water, wine or red juice
  2. Put the libations after 3 days in the earth
  3. Printing it is weak. Put a normal paper on your tablet and draw the sigil. Or draw the sigil with your hand it doesn’t need to be perfect except maybe the circle.
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