How can I be like this

Everything about Chris Brown is just perfect, he’s dancing styles and singing voice, is my favorite artists of all times in the world

how can I be like Chris Brown, I want to dance and sing like the way he does it, is there a spirit which can help on this, or is it possible for me to summon spirit of Chris Brown so that he can posses me and I dance like him

Hiya OP! Don’t try to emulate Chris Brown. You’ll get bogged down by all the magical junk spewing from that thing, though, you can just as easily surpass him by practicing under a spirit. I have a feeling Dionysus, Apollo, Artemis, and maybe a few others can help you do this! :slight_smile:


Chris Brown is trash. He is physically and emotionally abusive to women, and hes a bully.

Just be yourself. Or if you must emulate somebody, pick someone who doesnt beat up women, or anyone else for that matter.


Why Artemis?

He can still idolize everything else with the guy.
Don’t be so judgy.

Artemis has a ‘Dancer under Moonlight’ mask that sings and uses swords to balance herself upon; its possible to emulate the Dancer Artemis as she moves and sings and from that develop a complementary style. :slight_smile:

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LOL oh yeah im so judgy… What a swell guy he is…

His record:

Feb. 8, 2009
At 19, Brown punched, choked and bit his then-girlfriend Rihanna, leaving her with visible facial injuries and in need of hospitalization. Brown turned himself in to the police and later plead guilty to one count of felony assault.

March 22, 2011
Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts asked Brown repeated questions about Rihanna during his visit to the show, after which the artist stormed off set, and threw a chair through his dressing room window.

Chris Brown Charged With Assault on Rihanna

June 14, 2012
Brown was involved in a brawl with Drake and his entourage at a New York nightclub, in which about eight people were injured due to broken bottles and punches thrown. The fight was reportedly over Rihanna, whom Drake has also dated.

January 2013

Press reports indicated that there were irregularities in the record submitted to the court concerning Brown’s community service work hours ordered performed in wake of the Rihanna felony case: He seemed to have been credited with community service work when he was actually out of the United States.

Jan. 27, 2013

Brown was involved in an altercation with Frank Ocean over a parking space outside a recording studio in West Hollywood, California. According to police reports, Brown pushed or punched the singer. Ocean did not press charges, though Brown also reportedly threatened to shoot him, and a member of his entourage used a homophobic slur.

March 7, 2013
Brown became hostile with a valet outside a Los Angeles bowling alley, after the parking attendant requested the $10 charge to release the singer’s car.

July 15, 2013
Brown’s probation was revoked for his involvement in an alleged hit-and-run in Los Angeles. The charges were dropped at a hearing the following month after reaching a “civil compromise” with his accuser.

Chris Brown’s Hit-And-Run Charge Is Dismissed

Oct. 27, 2013
Brown was arrested for felony assault after punching a man outside the W Hotel in Washington D.C. Brown and his bodyguard allegedly punched a man and broke his nose after he had tried to get in a picture with him and two women. Brown was quoted saying, “I’m not into this gay shit, I’m into boxing,” before taking a swing. Brown’s charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and he voluntarily entered a rehab center while awaiting sentencing.

Nov. 10, 2013
Brown was kicked out of the rehab facility – where he had been expected to stay for three months – for “breaking program rules by acting violently.” He had, according to the facility, thrown a rock through his mother’s car window following a family session, in which she said she wanted him to stay in treatment.

Nov. 20, 2013
Brown was sentenced to 90 days at an anger management rehab facility, as well as submitting to drug testing and to take any prescriptions recommended by the facility.

Billboard Cover: Chris Brown Opens Up About Rihanna, Jail & Accepting Life as a 'Learning Experience’

Dec. 16, 2013
As a result of Brown’s altercation at the W Hotel in Washington D.C. two months prior, the singer’s probation related to his assault on Rihanna in 2009 was revoked again. However, Brown was not ordered to return to jail, as the judge said he was pleased with his progress in rehab.

March 14, 2014

Brown is kicked out of a Malibu, Calif. rehab facility during a court-ordered extended stay following the W Hotel incident. He’s taken into custody for not taking a drug test and touching a female also undergoing treatment, among other infractions.

Sept. 14, 2015

A Colorado woman filed charges for third-degree assault, alleging she was forcibly thrown off the artist’s tour bus for not giving up her cell phone, which was reportedly broken during the fracas.

June 2, 2016

Following a nightclub performance in Las Vegas, Brown was accused of punching a woman in the face for trying to take his picture.

Chris Brown’s Las Vegas Residency On Hold Following ‘Racist’ Allegations Against Drai’s Nightclub

June 23, 2016

Brown’s former manager Mike G filed suit in Superior Court of the State of California, alleging that Brown assaulted him in an unprovoked, “drug-fueled rage” on May 10, 2016. On Instagram, Brown posts, “N—as is getting mad … because I fired them, because they’re stealing money.”

June 27, 2016

Marion “Suge” Knight sued Chris Brown and West Hollywood nightclub 1 Oak for failing to provide adequate security at a 2014 Brown-hosted party during which Knight was shot seven times.

Aug. 30 2016

After an all-day standoff with police at his home in Tarzana, Calif. and a subsequent search of the residence, Brown was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. A female alleged the singer had pointed a gun at her face in his home earlier that morning. In a three-part Instagram post, Brown declared, “I’m innocent. I’m tired of this shit.”

May 9, 2018

Brown is named alongside rapper Young Lo (born Lowell Grissom Jr.) and an unnamed woman in a lawsuit filed by Allred on behalf of a Jane Doe and others accusing them of sexual battery, gender violence, hate violence, assault, interference with exercise of civil rights, intentional infliction of emotional distress and more in connection with a 2017 sex party at Brown’s Los Angeles home at which the woman says she was raped multiple times by Grissom and forced to participate in sexual activity against her will.

© 2019 Billboard


Nice, did not know that.
However, as Setebaid said, Chris Brown had a tendency of beating women, and Artemis might take offense in helping someone trying to emulate him.


That’s why I suggested OP to not try to emulate him, but focus on becoming better than that thing instead; surpassing and dominating a shitbag like that is most definitely Artemis’ thing. :slight_smile:


Wow you really went all out on gathering information about this guy. Just to defend yourself. Look we get this “Chris Brown” guy did some fucked up shit, but guess what, the OP said he wanted to dance and sing like Chris Brown.

Not act like him. :wink:


Never said he was a good guy, only saying you came into this thread a bit more judgy than you should be.

We are no saints here, if anyone want to be anything, we should offer our help.

Don’t you see the irony of calling someone else “evil” here on BALG? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wrong Brown… This is the spirit you need to possess you… The hardest working man in show business!


I have particular disdain for exactly the type of ‘evil’ Chris Brown is; it takes a particular kind of scum to get off on wantonly abusing those weaker than themselves, and the big game hunter in me is disgusted that such creatures exist. :slight_smile:

ETA: it takes no guts and no balls to abuse those weaker than you, and no strength either because cowards look for an easy thing to take out their own weaknesses on. I have no respect, or pity, for them.


Judge a person on thier character or thier dance moves? You youngsters are so quick to forget that most of the people you idolize, are some of the scummiest people around. After you grow up a little bit, you will start to understand.

But hey! Lets help this young man be just like chris brown. Great Choice.

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Just because we practice magick here at BALG does not mean we are evil or inheritantly evil. Most of the so called “evil” spirits i and others work with are not evil at all. I think most of them would agree that a man who beats up women and treats others like crap, is the real evil here.

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I also have hatred towards certain types of evil (most types of evil, ok, I admit, I am a crusader), but your reply was helpful disregarding your disdain, and that is how it should be done.

Setebaid however went straight in and said “that guy is evil”, that is just being judgy.


He idolizes the mans singing and dancing. I dont recall the OP ever mentioning that he wanted to be like Chris Brown Personality wise. Usually I’d stay quiet with pathetic arguments such as these.

We should be helping the OP with his situation, not bashing on him and stating every wrong thing the guy he idolizes has done. So your left with two choices here. Either help the OP or simply ignore this entire thread if your going to do anything but helping the OP.

Last time I checked, the OP was asking for assistance. Not critism for the people he idiolizes.

Trust me I hate scumbags like this Chris Brown guy too. Yet there is inspiration in his dancing and singing that some people can make use of.

If we are all grown ups here, let’s drop the fucking subject and move on to actually helping the OP😒


It’s important to be precise about why exactly you hold hatred. I have more experience explaining it than most. :slight_smile:


I am not disputing that at all, but you can not claim moral high-ground on BALG because the moral high-ground does not exist, as I have been repeatedly told numerous times here.

I am merely following my directives, doing my thing to keep up the continuity, by pointing out that regardless of request, we should be helpful in aiding people to achieve them, and when we boil over, we should much rather keep it within…or in a journal…or the “recognize your anger thread”.

You have no idea how many times people have asked or done things on the forum that I would want to dispute, but I simple didn’t, because of forum directives.


*[quote=“Fenris, post:10, topic:83800, full:true”]
Wow you really went all out on gathering information about this guy. Just to defend yourself. Look we get this “Chris Brown” guy did some fucked up shit, but guess what, the OP said he wanted to dance and sing like Chris Brown.

Not act like him. :wink:

Literally took me 60 seconds on Google to find his record. It was an easy point to prove. OP said everything about Brown is perfect. Im hoping to show him that he might want to reevaluate his choice. OP wants to be possessed by Brown, a known violent, overly aggressive thug, who beats up women.

Think about it people…

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