How can I accelerate the effect of malicious magic, bring the victim's death closer? How can I speed up the action of love magic?

It’s been over a month now, but I still haven’t received the actual results of my malicious magic. None of the tagged victims died or even got into trouble.

Regarding love magic, it’s already been going on for the second month, but so far not even a single piece of the effect has appeared.

Regarding death, I have worked with Samael, Adramelech, Eurynome, Mephisto, Moloch, Satan, Leviathan and Tiamat.

Regarding love, I have worked with Naama, Lilith, Belet, Sitri, Belial and Baal, Asmodeus and Thaumiel.

I performed rituals with Ashu and clay dolls (one doll for the death of a group of people, the other in order to cause love in a person).

There are other events in my life that I have asked for and am asking for, but these particular, so important things have not turned into reality.

Maybe there are some recommendations regarding these two types of magical practice. I would be very grateful to you.

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Two things: 1. a months is not enough time especially for something that changes so many timelines like an early death, or illness what also has to overcome the healing ability of humans, and that people have more or less protections that you may not have accounted for, or that their will to live/not be into you is simply stronger than yours for them to change.

  1. This is rather a lot. Did you keep doing rituals assuming others didn’t work or did you call them all at once as a team of sorts? Lusting for results and doubt about rituals working are well recognised to kill magick.

Patience and confidence. At this point you’ve done enough, I’d suggest it’s time to let it bake.
Work on yourself for the attraction and confidence, like, go for a new personal best in the gym, go to a cool course etc etc, do the necessary and be ready to follow the opportunities the entities bring, and make your life as great as it can be regardless of other people doing their thing.


I practiced the rituals sequentially to enhance the cumulative effect. And I have performed quite a few of them, each time with new gifts. I also often make offerings to the forces I work with several times a day (semen, blood).

All my thirst for results is based more on the pain of contemplating the happiness of those who have caused me suffering. It’s not exactly something you can control in yourself (at least in my experience), but otherwise I don’t focus on waiting for desires to be realized.

Thank you for your response!