How anti psychotics affect magic awareness

I’m on an anti psychotic for my schizophrenia and I can’t seem to sense or do anything anymore. My third eye is closed. What is happening?

America is so drugged up. Doctors will find any excuse to pump a perfectly healthy bouncy kid full of Ritalin which is basically fancy meth. Drugs fuck you up, they make you numb. I was on prozac and I was so depressed I nearly stabbed someone. They put me on this other shit that made me sleepwalk naked with my pants on my head. It surely didn’t help my health condition that I’m suffering with today. I love my country but there are some things I hate about it.

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Psychiatrists are quick to prescribe; hell even your doctor is quick to suggest the latest and “greatest” pills for your mental health. I lived that roller coaster ‘96-2007. I quit all of it. It made me mega fat near 300 lbs, and suicidal, tired, and I slept all the time. It’s how I damaged my back in the first place by jumping out of a truck holding onto a 80lb exercise bike and landing thinking I’d be ok. CRACK!!!

2 surgeries over the next 8 years (both times Obama was elected). I had to workout like a MOFO to even be able to walk as I have nerves damage on my left side and was dragging my leg.

Yeah, I’m a tad bit of an isolationist. Oh well.

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I feel your pain. Drugs are bad mmmkay.

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You know I think it’s funny how from an early age kids are taught to say no to drugs yet it’s being dealt out legally under our noses. Opiates for pain, meth for focus. Alcohol is also legal everywhere. And caffeine which is like mild crack. Yet you’ll get slapped in jail for owning pot in some states. It’s bullshit.

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In a shop in my town they sell CBD lollipops :grin:

Be careful. Schizophrenia isn’t something to play with. Without meds it can also be debilitating so do talk to your doctors. Simply tell them you think the dose is too strong and give examples.
Don’t, however, tell them you can’t speak with Spirits or your third eye feels closed.

Those reasons won’t have them drop the dose for you. Look at more mundane things and side effects you’re having.

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Very legal here in Oregon. There are lots of dispensaries for medical and recreational. Me… Nyah. I barely even drink but when I do it’s a sweet red wine or a heavy % alcohol content beer (9+% preferably).

I was taking anti-depressants for a while, similar result. I basically felt like there was a wall of fog between myself as anything else. I would try to meditate or do something magical, and would get nowhere. It wasn’t completely impossible, but I would have had to try to overpower the effects of the chemicals. If life were an anime then it would probably make a good training montage

Push it to the limit
take the drugs and power through
don’t stop looking
just keep your will or you’ll be finished

Open up the astral
past the point of no return
reach the top but still to learn how to supersede it

hit the rituals and double the stakes
power raise from hell you crash the gates
crash the gates!

going for the back of beyond
nothing gunna stop you
there’s nothing that strong

so close now you merely have to break
oooh yeah

welcome to the limit
take it maybe one step more
the drugs are still coursing through
so you better beat em

:thinking: No, that sounds like a bad idea. One of the strangest experiences I ever had was when an insane homeless man on the bus started screaming at me that I was attacking him (I was), screaming out the names of my practices that I never told anyone. Who knows, maybe there’s something to be said for insanity. I’ve been driven mad by magic before, it’s not a good thing
but on the other hand, I would probably be a lot more stifled by the idea of limits if I had never gone that far and come back.

Bad, bad, idea.

No one on this forum is a medical professional, and qualified to tell someone not to take their medication, especially if they have a condition like schizophrenia. We cannot give medical diagnoses or advice, and telling someone to stop their medication like this can put BALG at risk of legal liability. If the OP is having difficulty with their medication, they need to discuss it with their doctor, not listen to a random person on the internet.



I believe that girl had the same issue as well. What I said there still stands. Do not go cold turkey.


You’re right.

@Moxie Yeah, these meds do shut you down quite a bit, if not completely.

For the rest of the comments - As someone who was told in 2013 that I was borderline schizophrenic, I can say, listen to your body and your intuition. No-one has the right to dictate to you to keep taking meds that are bad for you, or that it’s a bad idea to come off them if you truly feel that staying on them is a bad idea. You decide what’s best for you - not your doctor or anyone else. :wink: I don’t know if you want to come off them but if you do, it’s your right to do so.

Just need to put this out there as someone who has tried several antipsychotics over a long period of time, and fought the mental health system here in the UK. I hear people making assumptions that stopping the meds is dangerous, and I happen to know different from my own experience, that it’s not always dangerous. I’m not suggesting that you should or shouldn’t quit them, or go cold turkey. I’m simply saying, people mean well but unless they’re in your shoes, they have no real idea of the reality of the illness. Ofc talk to your doctor but it’s your mind and your body, and your life at the end of the day.

@DarkestKnight Not necessarily. Some people can cope without meds and do better without them. Others can’t. so the “Bad, bad idea” comment is potentially misleading. The OP will not know unless he tries, with the support of his doctor, if that’s what he wishes to do.

(As for myself, their diagnosis was completely wrong. My current psychologist recently told me I’m perfectly sane, despite everything I’ve been through. Yet, the doctors treating me from 2009-2016 kept telling me I was psychotic and kept telling me the meds would help. They never did. I knew there was nothing medically wrong with me and stuck to my guns. I’m so glad I did.)

That is why I said it was a bad idea. Not going off the meds, but doing so without the support of an actual doctor, on the say so of some guy on the internet.

Also, we cannot tell the OP anything that can be construed as medical advice for legal reasons. If someone says its fine to go off his meds without checking with his doctor first, and he follows that advice, becomes unstable and hurts himself or others, it is possible for BALG to be held legally responsible, because no one here is qualified to dispense such advice. A lot of people here may think they know better than the medical experts because they “researched” it on the internet, but that will not stand up in any court of law.

So advice based on personal experience, yes. Telling someone to, “fuck it, just go off your meds if they’re bothering you,” no. Everyone is different, and as you said, just because it worked for you, doesn’t mean it will work for the OP, so the support of his doctor is necessary.


Again this.
And your advice is just as dangerous.

I understand where you come from but an actual
Schizophrenic is very dangerous. I’ve seen and heard cases of friends being attacked because the individual stopped their meds, became confused and dilusional then grabbed something as a weapon and attempted harm.

I’ve seen first hand how humiliating it is and frightening for them to loose control and harm another person.

I’m sorry but don’t ever tell someone this unless you know them and even then it’s not a good idea.


I’m aware of that - I know what worked for me might not work for another.

However, what you say is based on the assumption that Moxie would take the advice of some random from the Internet over the advice of his own doctor - not sure he would be insane enough to do that. But it’s still insane to take the doctor’s advice when your own mind and body is telling you different. That’s why I’m saying to listen to your intuition first and foremost. It’s your internal guidance which never leads you astray.

If my family member had listened to his intuition and the voices he’d be locked away in an institution now, taken away from everyone he loves.
Luckily he’s smart enough not to do that.


Sorry, based on what you quoted from what I’ve said (out of context too), I don’t know what your issue is.

I know how bad schizophrenia can be. One of my aunts has schizophrenia. My aunt is bat-shit crazy. Go figure.

With all due respect, I still stand by what I said. If you read what I said carefully, you’d know I said, I’m not suggesting Moxie quit the meds or not quit the meds. My point to Moxie was to listen to his intuition first, and do what is best for him, not what is best for others. That’s his, and everyone’s right, whether you agree with it or not.

Truthfully, I doubt your family member could hear his intuition if all he can hear are the “voices”. The “voices” make it very difficult to listen out for your intuition, unless you learn alternative ways.

I’m skisoeffective while not the same thing they can hinder your spiritual abilities. I’m not sure why this is. But back when I was off of them (I’m on them to) I could see and hear spirits perfectly fine and now I can’t…I wouldn’t go off your medicine just for spirituality though. These conditions are hard to deal with and sometimes you need all the help you can get. I know I’m not in a position to go off my medication so I wouldn’t suggest just doing something like that. It can hinder your abilities sure but medicine is for your own good and I wouldn’t suggest going off of it. If you have to though I would recommend talking to a doctor first. Don’t do anything without a doctor k?


Now that is most definitely not true at all. How many people have “listened to their intuition” and found themselves with very bad results? Learning to discern true intuition from the regular mental debris and ego takes time and practice, it is NEVER 100% correct, and it can never replace medical advice. It is very dangerous to think that it can.

Whether he does or doesn’t is immaterial. My point is, you cannot tell someone on this forum to ignore medical advice, to listen to their “intuition” and to go off of their meds just because they want to. It is a legal liability for BALG, and that is what my answer to Zirnitra was referring to, nothing more.

I agree with you about going off the meds with a doctor’s support if that is what he wants to do, but a doctor’s advice trumps intuition every day of the week as far as the rest of the world is concerned so we have to be very careful about what kind of advice we give. @Lady_Eva knows more about the liability issue than I do, but it is always better safe than sorry.

That is something for the OP to discuss with his doctor.