Hotep! My name is Wampau Nashoba

I’m a Native Shaman and Student of The Egyptian Mystery schools. I am currently trying to gain any info I can on Invocations for Sumerian/ Anunaki Beings. Over a Year GAO now I had Azrael, A lion that came as a man manifest himself into my life and use what I’m guessing is earth magnetic to force me to bow before him. He told me I was to be a teacher and healer. Needless to say I replied “ get fucked” at which point he decided to shake up my life a whole hell of a lot. As well he Named me The Wolf of Chaos Wampau Nashoba Eloym. So I just wanna say I’m here and I’m woke


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested.

How long have you practiced?

Welcome to the forums !

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So I’ve Been Practicing Ritually for over a year, it started after doing a native ceremony to discover my spirit animal. Though I’ve had very profound visions and contact before that.

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Oct, 28, 2016 I had been using Heroin for about 5 months and on this day I Saw the Darkness I felt my whole life. I saw him and he saved me.

Ii wy em hotep :grinning:



Wash your dirty mouth :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hotep! It is rare to see Nuwapians on this forum. I am Hem Neter Tepy Amun-El a student of Dr. York and the Moorish Science Temple.


Awesome!!! I’ve personally never had a formal teacher I’ve scratched the surface though I’ve always walked in the shadow of Osiris

I Learned a great deal from Medicineman Allah who was in the Nation of Islam I practiced myself with my best friend who was from Egypt which inevitably led me to The Mystery schools Founded by Amun-Horus

Hi ,I need help. I am new here . I didn’t have opened senses. Suddenly, entity that said that it ‘ s name is Asmodeus came to me and helped me to learn a lesson from biology for school . We didn’t talked too much . At the moment he came I began to see him just like the drawing of him I saw . It wasn’t really clear . After that , someone who claims to be Satan came and asked me for sex and was there with me 3 days before sex after that . It was all so strange for me at the moment . He had blonde hair and said to knight to protect me . After that , many spirits began to came , as it seemed . And I felt like in trance. That lasted 3 months. I am 16 years old and I haven’t got any experience with magick or anything .
Only that similar situation happened a year before with another demon. He came to me because my friend wanted to summon him and he asked me for sex . And I suddenly lost contact with him. I don’t know what is happeng or it is only in my head or is smeone claiming to be someone else ?

Listen to me Closely Ashmodai Prince of avengers of Evil

Hotep Set Hotep Anat Au Set and know this child no more. Need you to do something for me. Go Shower throw out those clothes. When naked state clearly “The Angel of air embraces me”, get in the shower state “the Angel of water cleanses all from what was before”. Important now Wash Left hand side First Not Right Stating “Earth mother see me clearly as Satan I am not”

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner though all things in they’re proper time. I’ve been doing a lot of ceremonies and quite a few Healings. Balance

Thanks, but I am aorry I don’t understand this . I don’t have anything against Asmodeus if that he was ?

It’s Ashmodai friend and your Unbalanced. Take some time as a Bhudist honestly it’s important

Balance within you. Ground yourself. Study Yoga

And write everything down, everything. Who taught you Magick soo young?

I am not sure if it’s some parasite but thanks . I don’t know many things because I am beginner. It interrsted me when I was young and I want to progress in any aspect .:blush: