Hotep! My name is Wampau Nashoba

Thank you but I am not sure if it isn’t some parasite or what to do now . I am really sorry if I am boring but I would really appreciate answer . My story looks like there is some parasite or something like that . Also , can spirit make you gain weight? Maybe it’s odd but I am just asking ( I am really active and my weight is always balanced, I know that it may be normal but I am not sure that it is it ) . Thanks in advance I would really like to get your answer. :pray:t2:

Yes in a way you’ve opened to quickly the veil. There are watchers always. The bhudist principle to fully understand and begin to practice is meditation and do nothing draw circle around yourself if you need to this circle protects you for now ok nothing gets in.

Use either chalk or pencil even string to make the circle

A lot of studying and learning ahead what’s your Name bruh

even if it is Parasite your ok because honestly friend your safe now just know.

I am really thankful. Sorry if I have been boring. It really helped me . My name is Elena , what’s yours ? And I am concerned because I saw him and someone presenting as Satan , but since then I cannot see anything . I am sorry but can you help me with this. It all seems that there is something wrong or is unbearable. Also , why did you said that I am ok if it’s some parasite? Thanks :blush::pray:t2::frog:

And I am sorry for slow replies. It was night here :slight_smile:

Ok hah, Elena. Nice to meet you I’m Wampau Nashoba Wolf of Chaos. The circle is for protection nothing can get in that’s what I’m explaining there are rules. A proper balance to things occurs when you start practicing Magick. Child there’s always a price. What essentially this means is when you are in the circle you are protected and cannot be touched. Read a book On Bhudist practice as well it will really help trust me. Before there was the left hand path Or right hand path there was Bhudda, Horus, many more the balance in the middle.

You yourself are created as Balance in the middle. The darkness inside is a gift not a curse. You control these Demons it’s your gift. Balance your Passions ie sex etc. subdue this desire, do nothing. You must Awaken the Goddess deep down inside

This Man that you see, the one who claims to be Satan, who might he be? I am Set and truly the “Opposer.” Being taught my whole life by the wolf of Chaos I’ve Never met anyone Else with Titles like these. Ashmodai is the “Prince of destroyers of Evil.”true Name you seek. He is Within you, This man could be Your God so you speak.

Idk, I didn’t understand first part with Satan and i don’t know who he is other than his name ( and I know about him ) . What do you mean about Asmodeus being god? Do I have to banish him or seek? And why he came ?

Seek him, dear seeker. Yes in a way he wants to be known. What is your current level of Ritualistic Practice. It’s important to establish a disciplined practice, like waking up before the sun yoga then meditate in your circle. Write what is spoken from out of the dark. Do nothing but write.

God is A Metaphor for what you might be. The Balance is to be found with all three. You are they’re child of darkness and light. Who is the Goddess that sleeps. You know her she may speak plainly her name.

Thank you for answering my questions . I wake up early , go to gym ( after lifting weights and before I stretch) then eat and sleep,after that I go outside or study something , at night I meditate . That’s how my day looks. I have no practice with ritual magick . Could this be dangerous?

Not dangerous though I think it’s important to Balance. If you already work out and stretch then that’s a great start. The meditation is where the most discipline is to be had. Do nothing for awhile. It’s ok to stop practicing Magick for a time, if you get scared or shit gets overwhelming sit in the circle do nothing. let your mind rest.

Oh thanks , I will .