Hot Shower and Energy Boost

If we tried to take energy from the hot water, will it work and will it be stored in our bodies? According to physics laws the energy flows from the cold to the hot, but obviously we are not fuel. However, there might be a possibility to make it work if we can control the energy?

Can Hot water boost energy flow? or at least remove energy blockages?

In some Hermetics practices one can do various things with the elements but I cannot certainly say it is real , it probably would take you months of practice to find that out , or years

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It raises your yang. If you want to store it and not have it just wear off in the reverse process after you move to a cooler environment, then while you’re in the heat, use intention to convert it to qi and store it in the lower dan tian.

Look up pore breathing or full body breathing - same idea, with the energy of the hot water instead of the cosmos/sun/void etc.

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sure, you can take energy from hot water, or fire

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According to traditional Chinese medicine you should always take hot water shower instead of cold, and drink hot/warm fluids, try not to consume cold/icy things. They believe that it’s good for your energy so I think there is something to this.

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That’s true. It does indeed and I can confirm the experience. We always preferred the hot shower because we always feel it boost the body, making us feel fresh and energized.

Misogi (禊)
A Japanese [Shinto Buddhism] practice of ritual purification by washing the entire body.

This is usually done on a waterfall with very cold water. The cold water is said to “shock” any negative energies, demons or spirits out of ones body.


In traditional hydrotherapy it is best to alternate between hot and cold water and always ending with a cold rinse. This is due to the fact that the heat causes increased blood flow, inflammation and vasodialation (which is not good for the body in the long term) and cold water causes vasoconstriction which lessens inflammation and swelling (which is physically optimal). Btw, this is ACTUAL medical advice NOT magickal advice. Do what you will, I’m just being informative.

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