Horned God Experiences

Does anyone have any experience with the Goat of Mendez??? Baphomet? Banebdjedet? Khnum? Or could elaborate on their relationships to each other?

I feel Satan is a broad term for enemy and the devil can be broad as well. But I’m not sure I want to apply Lucifer to any of these…

Are any of these considered the same in any of your magic circles?? I know Khnum and Banebdjedet are soutg and north Egyptian ram gods respectfully. And Banebdjedet is where we get the Goat of Mendez.

Thoughts, anyone?
Or am I just obsessed with witch fire circles dancing around a Horned God xD

They’re all part of the groupings of Horned Gods, along with Belenus, Cernunnos, Pan, and some others.


The horned god as far as I know is Cernunnos, except no religions that had him the in thier pantheon called him that, the horrned hod name is a recent invention by new age witches, probably wiccans but don’t quote me, I forget.

If you mean any deity that sports horns of any kind, there’s a lot of those. Horns represent fertility, of people and land, and fertility mattered to people living off the land. There’s probably more symbolism in horns than that, but I’d have to research it.

People have drawn correspondences between Pan and Azazel. It’s one of those things that you have to draw your own conclusions on, that works in your corner of reality, as there’s going to be disagreement among occultists generally.

Baphomet’s the odd one out in your list I think, and I would definitley not associate it with any other god - it’s not a god at all, afaik, it’s a symbol… it’s origins are more recent and can be looked up online. Elhias Levi didn’t invent Baphomet, but he’s the one that drew the iconic image in the 1800s. The name only goes back to the 1100 - 1300s and has been associated with the Knights Templar and Mohammedeans.
It’s sort of a symbol of the alchemical marriage, being neither male or female, having a female half and a male half, pointing up and down to say “as above so below”, there’s wings and a torch of enlightenment and a pentagrams and a phallus - the image is chock full of teaching imagery, which the gods don’t have the same way, being more Earthy in thier origins.


In my own practices I consider pan/baphomet to be the same, albiet different aspects. Pan is the side that focuses on life and growth and baphomet the opposite.

My work with them is limited however.

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The Baphomet mass is one of the most potent rituals. It’s a group ritual and you need some minimum 3-4 witches to conjure and summon Baphomet. He is alive as every other living being.

Pan is best to summon through the Star Ruby ritual and in the middle use the Pan invocation from Crowley. Very powerful!

Moloch he is awesome but very few people are attuned to him. You can try thou maybe he accepts your call. Would be awesome.

The horned God Cernunnos is best to be called through the ritual of the Green Man. Is one of the oldest deities on Earth. Best for pagans.


Interestingly enough I’ve been drawing a few parallels between Moloch and Baal. Do you treat these as separate aspects or entities?

Ive recently been focusing on Baphomet. Many people have different thoughts and experiences about him/her. I view Baphoment as like an aspect of the universe somehow, an androgenous being with “gray” energy (both light and dark). Back in my wiccan days i was able to contact cernunnos. There was a time i meditated out in nature and asked for his help in healing one of my pets. I burnt an offering of incense for him. Later things started getting better with my doggie

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See, alot of people try to devalue baphomet I think. Like the whole crusader thing really made him out to be a mispronounced muslim shout to affiliate the crusaders with Islam (which Islam has nothing to do with entirely but the 11th and 12th century church would have anyone believe anything different from them is devil worship).
However I don’t think we should do baphomet this injustice. I keep drawing parralels with him and Banebdjedet the Egyptian god who’s primary worship was mendez. They actually sacrificed sheep in his name and held goats sacrosanct I believe, setting them aside as a symbol of divinity instead of using them for sacrifice, which would then give the goat the name"goat of mendez".

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I think you’ll find a lot of parallels between horned gods and horned demons, even Azazel.