Hope is the absence of success


So I have found this forum in the hopes that I would find true esoteric guidance. Ive not been dissapointed by anything ive read, however it seems there are so many looking for a means of a new paradigm. I have to ask, why?
I have had a rough go of it in this life, as so many have. Ive been a beggar, a thief, a prince and a king.
I want to know,…really know , why you (all) ask for things that are so close to you? I have a story to tell anyone who asks about the path to true awakening, and what comes after it. Its not all its cracked up to be. I love that I have found my people , and in no way am I slandering anyones thoughts, beliefs,or dreams.
My grammar is terrible(I’m sorry) and I probably will irritate at least one person with this post. I really want to know what you all are really hoping to achieve through the spiritual union of your carnal arcane desires and, the common and basist world we live in. I’m new to this medium of conversation ,so please exscuse my lack of tact.

Go here and introduce yourself it’s a forum rule, thanks and welcome.

I personally won’t answer your questions until you’ve done so and no offense but they sound to much like trolling to me already, if i’m wrong i do apologize and hope you will show that’s not the case.


^ Seconded on all points.

[quote=“The_Perceptor, post:1, topic:16265”]… however it seems there are so many looking for a means of a new paradigm. I have to ask, why?

I have absolutely no idea what this means, but plenty of us have workable paradigms, and a few of us regard them as tools rather than absolutes, which is even more fun. :wink:

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Motion made and seconded from the previous two replies, and I believe the ‘ayes’ will carry it. Not entirely sure what you’re on about, or think you’re on about, but not being at all new to my path, my personal journey, I can attest that every inch of progress that I make toward ‘awakening’, as you phrase it, is very much ‘all that it’s [with an apostrophe for the contraction ] cracked up to be’.

With respect… perhaps a minor detail: if you’ve already completed your path to true awakening, and know ‘what comes after’, emm… what are you doing here? And by ‘here’, I mean this in every conceivable understanding of the word. (Your story about such might be gripping; but you wouldn’t actually know unless you’d experienced “it” yourself, yes?) And back to the bit of your quotation that I’ve highlighted, and re: your opening line, it seems contradictory, or at least a bit odd, that one with so much enlightened experience, having ‘made it to the other side’, thus able to know it’s disappointing, would be seeking esoteric guidance from an online forum.

Go well on your journey, or your journey V2.0. And be well!


I guess its not as easy as I thought it would be to be able to converse with all if you. Intelligent rebuttal is great, but I sense a little skepticism within such well thought out words. That kind of thing is the antithisis of free thinking and the like. I dont know what trolling means, btw, so I googled it and no I’m not Trolling.
I’m not here to place myself upon some pedestal. An awakening is a very serious change in a persons life metaphysically or at least in my circumstace its been an exhilarating and terrible one that I now have to deal with. I’m experiencing some things now as a result of it and really was hoping to establish a dialogue with somebody, anybody who can help me to understand how to change it. I said I had a story to tell, and I do ,but maybe I was too hopeful in kindred knowledge and hospitality. My apologies for not following the guidelines of this forum, and my journey is close to the end, but thanks for your wishes anyways.

I know my grammar is terrible and I’m sorry for that. Thanks for your input and best wishes to you as well.

So, to be bluint, are you saying you have a terminal diagnosis, because I know pancreatic cancer is a bitch? Or is there a reasonable chance it can be eradicated and you need help with that, or… what?

Also this style you have where you provoke via assumptions, generalisation and judgments etcetera, and then in the same paragraph go on the defensive, is that how you generally do things in your life?

Please just tell us what you came here for, leave the rest for a later time perhaps. :wink:

If you need urgent assistance in terms of a medical condition that’s threatening your life I’m going to ignore all that, not respond to your assertions about what other people are, what this forum is, tra-la,la, and I can send you some tutorial methods to hook up with spirits who may (slim chance) help with healing, or, more likely assist you in passing with some degree of ease and finding a new incarnation, if you want that.

But it’s kind of hard to know what you want from the way you muddle up statements about what’s wrong with this forum’s community with pleas of ignorance. :smiley:

Give us something concrete to work on and outline what you hope to change in your life right now.

Ok. I have a mass on the exocrine gland of my pancreas. Stage 1, non metastatic. I figure my time is close to up, I am not in a strong mental or physical state to perform a rite. I am willing to make an offering to keep my family safe, obfuscate them from the bargain. I’m sorry but ive never talked to anyone about this. Is that better?

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I have no ritual or knowledge about how to break a pact, save for pulling a Faust and making a seperate deal. Any ideas?

So, I’m not trying to be judgemental, or obtuse. I’m taking chemo and trying to work as well. I believe that my child to come is going to be taken. I have only ever practiced the art to move forward, never to harm. But I was provoked by my last interaction with. Papa Legba

Okay that is useful to know, thank you. :smiley:

If you have a pact already in place, who did you make a pact with, and what were the terms of the pact? This information will help troubleshoot whether it needs to be broken and so on.

I am going to PM you a tutorial for a method to send your consciousness outside your body into spirit worlds, this will allow you to gather knowledge, possibly get some spiritual healing (which may or may not affect your physical problems, obviously it’s not a substitute for medical care, it’s on a different level) and should you pass on, soon or in the far distant future, you will have met spirits who can help and guide you once you leave your body.

(And yes, much better thanks, we can handle the factual stuff then maybe chit-chat once we have that sorted. :thumbsup:)

When I say provoked I was enraged. He promised my mother would die without pain and it was not that way. I moved beyond that, but 7 months ago again I called him. And in that meeting I promised a bakers lot(12 years) of my life so that my wife would bring my heir into this world. Within the last 3 months I called to him again and in that last meeting he said I hadnt paid enough…that I was short. So I raised my cut, clenched fist in anger and let go of all my hate and anger for all that was promised, but never delivered. I believe he means to take her in utero.

And this was a spirit you think was Papa Legba (I don’t mean to doubt you by asking that, I am just asking for clarification)?

How did you summon him, and can you summarise why you chose this spirit?

Did you contact him for the first time when your mother was dying, or had you worked with him before?

Again all questions are to get information to assist, not intended to be skeptical, curt, or dismissivve, and I know that is not always clear when reading text where a question like “Why did you do that?” can sound VERY weighted with various attitudes and assumptions. :smiley:

Papa Legba has never been the type of entity to piss off. I dont know what to do. Ella is 6 weeks away from coming into this world but there have been problems…lack of protein, pressure on the womb from contusions on the abdomen of my wife.

I understand, can you please answer the above, I am not wasting your time - the more information you give us the better we may be able to untangle this.

By the way you may have other commitments for your time, there is no need to remain answering rapidfire for a long period, take a break and come back to this when it suits you, and I also go offline at times… I would like to avoid wasting time chatting but that doesn’t mean you are being interrogated here. :smiley:

Papa Legba is like the watchman on the bridge between the Loa world and the world of the dead and damned. Hes not unwilling to deal for items from our world…rum cigars …rice and bean My mentor is who advised me to commune with him, but call him never by his other names, unless a true sacrifice for his guidance and favor be made… It started with help to gain strength to overcome an enemy age 20. I didnt call him by his other name until I was 30 when my mother was dying. He wasnt the same. It was an act of malice he asked for…an inflicted pain upon a particular individual who I had never met. And I appeased his wishes but nothong was granted in return.

And thanks for giving me the chance to put this out there without judging me by it.

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No probs, I have to go offline and make some business calls now but I’ll get back on later and I have sent you a tutorial with multiple pieces of additional info, check the small green icon top right of this page, hopefully someone with some relevant knowledge will also be able to contribute on here of course. :thumbsup:

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I need to leave this one for a bit, collect my thoughts and such. Its alot to put out there. I offered blood, burnt red roses soaked in rum and an old Haitian painting of Legba lit with black candles and sang a hymn the last time.