Hope is the absence of success

Thank you.

Ah, you posted an introduction good, and despite the passive aggressive holier than thou statements you’ve made i’ll now try to answer your original question which i believe was something along the lines of what am i after?

The anti transmigration of the soul, the shattering of the veil between worlds permanently, pulling all that is outside down to here, heaven and earth, all of heaven and earth, and above all for me personally eternal amusement. Others of course have different goals and that’s fine and dandy, perhaps they might share them with you if they care to. But I hope that satisfies your curiosity about my motivations.

Thank you for answering, and I must offer sincere appolgies for my demeanor. It explains a great deal of your motivation for furtherment. All respect for that is due in your endeavors. I take heavy duty pain meds and sometimes I go off the rail, as it were. Lets try this again… Its nice to make your acquaintance.


Ok so I am fading out, but when I say thank you for giving me a chance., I mean it. Its really hard holding all this close to the chest, and maybe there is hope. Thank you.