HooDoo: Ask me any hoodoo question?

I love this community and how supportive everyone is. I want to give back in my own small way. I have studied hoodoo a lot and have my own encyclopedia of knowledge. So if you have any hoodoo questions, ask me and I will do my best to answer.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional Hoodoo practitioner and dont do anything for anyone for free or money in the past, current or future. I just want to share my knowledge and help anybody such that they can do it themselves.

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What is the difference between hoodoo and voodoo?

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Does it work ok for Caucasian folk?

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Can you still practice hoodoo when having no ties to Christianity

Voodoo is the faith/religion that use of the African Gods in their magick and Hoodoo is the practice/magical application of voodoo without the need for worship of the African Gods.


How would one start in HooDoo.

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Ok., here we go. Which are the best rootworkes, Michigan, or carolinas,? U work whit the indians spirts, such mojawak etc? Why its never hear, or seeing a rich hoodo worker,? Why so muxh jealousy in the hoodo community,? Why everyone do hoodo, and never say im iniciated by.? I take the course by a popular hoodo site back in 20000s,the first on my city, now we have a few papas, mamas, etc. But all are broke, sad, tired, like tey want to proyect a sucesfull life, but are down even tey add sorceres to their title, and still, not good workes, thsnks 4 u time, and also back in 2000s were a few good workes which publish tey own books but fade away quick. Not. No tarostar the first, guy and anna riva,


Hello, so firstly what made you get into hoodoo yourself.
Next, do you know the reason the psalms are so commonly used in hoodoo.
What hoodoo literature would you consider decent.
Thanks for your time on this, this will be a very interesting post to read, already seen few good questions.

Yay !! So happy to see all the questions come through! I will send a nice combined reply organized by topic. I am at work. I will compile my answers upto this point and send it.

Please remember anybody can practice hoodoo easily. If you can breathe, you can do hoodoo! It’s that simple.


I’m a white chick with no known African ancestors. I started with hoodoo and had no issues.


Yes and no. Certain pre written spells so to speak call upon saints and archangels. I’m no longer Christian and still practice hoodoo when it’s applicable.

I say yes because I’m doing it and no because some of the spirits are still considered to be aligned with Christianity by popular opinion, even if I think it’s more complicated than popular opinion.

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Ok so what do we do ask you a question? Can it be about a demon?

Nope! Only hoodoo related! I am no expert on demons.

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Difference between Hoodoo and Voodoo

Hoodoo is not a religion where as Voodoo is an actual serious religion. Voodoo has nothing to do with Hoodoo other than sounding similar and both having roots in Africa.

A Hoodoo practitioner may follow Voodoo and vice versa. There are no limitations.

Hoodoo is basically a form of folk magic that involves working with roots, herbs, candles, psalms and saints. It originally developed in West Africa and is now widely practiced in Southern United States. Hoodoo became popular by Roman Catholics who invoke various religious catholic saints with offerings. These practitioners are often referred to as root doctors or healers or conjure doctors or conjure workers.Although promoted by Roman Catholics, Hoodoo can be practiced by anybody regardless of religion and a lot of hoodoo spells does not require you to invoke psalms or christian saints.

Voodoo is a religion and it invokes the power of African gods, ancestral spirits and deities. There are different voodoo practices based on the country where it originated and practiced but they all invoke spirits and deities. There is Haitian Voodoo, Jamaican Voodoo, New Orleans Voodoo, Brazilian Voodoo, West Indies Voodoo.

Contrary to what is portrayed in pop culture and media, Voodoo is not about hexes and curses using voodoo dolls. Sadly Voodoo is grossly misrepresented and misunderstood.

Does it work for Causcasian folks

Anybody regardless of age, sex, religion, ethnicity can apply hoodoo

Can you practice Hoodoo with no ties to Christianity

Absolutely. I dont use any Christianity or pslams in the hoodoo spells I do.

How would one start with Hoodoo

Read, read, read. The more you read, the more you will understand. Start with real simple spells like honey jars, baths, freezer spells, candles, sage, etc and slowly build up your skills. There are a lot of fun spells in hoodoo.

Why are hoodoo practitioner’s poor?

Not true. I have seen all kinds of practitioners. Some of them have established Hoodoo churches and opened very successful businesses and shops. Many hoodoo practitioners are generational and since most of them hail from poor communities with no means to attract customers in this social media driven world, then tend to stay behind but there are a few very famous Instagram hoodoo practitioners who even have their own reality shows. I am not listing them because I dont want to promote anybody. But a quick search on Instagram and you will see how rich and famous they are.

What made you get into hoodoo?

I started off in Hoodoo based on some of the superstitions and practices my mom and aunts were following. I wanted to explore more and curiosity led me to read more. Many things made sense and there are some which did not. I chose what I like and discarded the rest. There are some really weird and creepy things like feeding your menstrual blood to your man to bind him to you and keep him loyal. Hoodoo gives me a feel good and makes me feel like I have power to do something about my situation. For example, a bully boss , use a boss fix ritual.

Reason why Psalms are commonly used in Hoodoo

Hoodoo was made popular by the European Roman Catholic settlers who introduced Kabbalistic practices and hence a lot of prayers got incorporated.


Also there are designated pslams for designated goals in Hoodoo

Psalm 3 for severe headache

Psalm 9 for sick child

Pslam 51 for spiritual baths and cleansing negative energy and curses

Psalm 64 for protection from harm

Psalm 78 to increase psychic abilities

Psalm 29 for cleansing home

Psalm 65 for gamblers luck

Psalms 23 verse 6 brings you peace and calm

Psalm 26 money

Pslams 119 for empowerment

Psalm 111 to attract love


  • Power of the psalm books by Anna Riva

  • Godfrey Selig - Secret of Psalms is a really good reference.

  • Success and Power throgh Pslams by Donna Rose

What is the best Hoodoo Literature

To get started I recommend the luckymojo site which makes easy for a newbie to get their feet wet. If you want to advance your hoodoo knowledge you will find references and sources there as well.

Luckymojo has many books published and also made all of their content free at their website.

I hope this has been helpful and I have addressed everyone’s questions. If not, let me know and I will try my best to answer them. And anytime you need info, just drop a message and I will be happy to help.

Thank you for your questions and opportunity to respond.


thanks thats was helpful :+1:


Is it wrong to use Road Opener oil, High John or hotfoot powder with respect to the root, with sincerity but to be working in a witchcraft based practice?

What book recommendations do you suggest for someone that wants deeper understanding and learning?

Are there any issues if you can’t have a temple or a private place to do this type of practice? I don’t even have a closet to use. No people would see what I am doing, but it would be around pets.


The op hasn’t logged in, in almost a month. The answer however is it doesn’t matter. I have never dedicated a space to my practice or used an altar. I’ve had times where all I had was a small hand sewn bag with a lighter, a tea light, a bit of rope and a pen in it for my tools/practice.

I have pets and practice around them all of the time, I have children and practice with them nearby when necessary, I’ve been in and out of homeless shelter where I legit could only have a private moment in the bathroom, I’ve had a roommate and lived with a boyfriend whose family couldn’t know what I did.

Work with what you have and what’s best for you. I currently toss all my magic shit in a card board box and put it on top of my fridge or closet when not in use.


Thanks. I have a makeshift alter for one thing I am doing and wanted to set up another one for other things. I have some pets that are drawn to any type of magick I try to do.

Do you have pets trying to jump on your alter?

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