HooDoo: Ask me any hoodoo question?

I have in the past, I just remove them from the room. My ferret will climb on anything and my last cat would lay on top of anything I had out, so I simply remove/removed the animal to reduce my stress and distraction.

It won’t effect what you’re doing if you can’t however.

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My ferrets get into everything too and steal anything they can get their little teeth into.

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Yepper I get it. I just cage mine while doing magic, she free roams otherwise for the most part. I don’t find her antics conducive to focusing, or I would let her stay out during as well.


They do make it a bit hard to stay focused.
Everytime I try to practice astral projection, my one cat will lay on top of me, that could be the reason for my lack of success. My ferrets thought it was fun to bite my ankles when I tried so they went back in the cage.

Pets are great except during rituals. Lol

My cat almost always lays on me while I’m projecting or journeying and usually if I’m projecting into the space around me, she is also there.

I cage the ferret, but a cat on top of you won’t effect anything but your mind imop. It doesn’t hold your energetic body down or prevent you from exiting your body or anything like that. It won’t even cause you to come back prematurely- mine doesn’t always start out on top of me, but I can often feel her on me while I’m away or come back to find she’s on top of me and wondering how it happened since I exit from my side.

You have to let go of the physical feels and pay attention to the energetic feels imop when projecting :slight_smile:


Hey there!I love practice Hoodoo from time to time and I am glad that I found another Hoodoo practicioner here! My question is do you have any spells that can help start communication between two people who are in different cities?

How long did it take you before you could astral project? I did it once months ago and have not been able to do it since then.

Do you think it’s the conscious mind that leaves or the astral body?

Can you not call this person?

Years. I have clear memories of projecting up until around the age of 8, though most memories are from around the age of 3-5. I spent quite literally the last 3 years learning how to do it again, despite remembering how I did it and came back as a child I couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Eva shared a method of soul retrieval journeying with me back in probably October, that took my focus off trying to get over the hurdle of not being able to visualize with aphantasia and I quickly found projecting was not nearly as difficult after learning a journey method that worked for me.

That’s so amazing. If I do a search will I find what you learned?

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No, you’d need to ask her for the shamanic tutorial she has, it’s a pdf and we can’t share pdfs on the forum. It wasn’t what worked for me in the end but most people can visualize and use that/similar methods for learning how to do basic journeys.

I ended up needing to learn how to project my consciousness through a portal to get started :slight_smile:

I’ll tag her but if she doesn’t respond just send her a pm. @Lady_Eva

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I’m here, will PM it to you @Magick_One , gimme a mo. :+1:


Thanks. I never even thought about we all have different ways to astral project.
Do you think feeling it and knowing is also just as good as visualizing, if your not the best at visualizing?

I can’t visualize at all, I have aphantasia- I can’t even get after images :slight_smile: I think everyone else has it easier, but the other senses will work for ya if they are what you got.


Thank you so much. I want to astral project and make sure some children I consider nephews and nieces are okay. There father is not a nice person. I want to make sure he is not hurting them.

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PS just so no-one gets excited or anything, it’s literally just a PM, not a PDF, I know how to make them but am not interested in making this into one, it’s simpler just to paste the tut into a PM. :wink:

I don’t want peoiple getting confused, so just clarifying that.


Oh that’s my bad, I must have converted it to pdf then, because it’s in my ibooks lmao…

I’m sorry, that’s definitely my mistake. I used to make pdfs out of screen shots all the time but I’ve not done in… in at least year, so I’m sorry for misspeaking there!


No probs, usually I wouldn’t even be that nitpicky but the way people love drama, if I didn’t comment, that’s one leap from “Lady Eva has PMs of all the tutorials” or some bullshit like that… :woman_facepalming:

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Indeed we do (even I) get that way somedays! lol I’m sorry for not thinking that through and remembering better.

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No problems. :+1:

Also for the hard of thinking round here, it’s not a tutorial I have, it’s a tutorial I personally wrote, as in completely and wholly created, with my own fair hands, from my own experiences, and the one I have right now is like the umpteenth revision based on questions people asked about the earlier versions.

It’s sad I have to say this but it seems I do, anyway that’s an end to this derail, apologies, but just trying to prevent any exciting games of Telephone or misapprehensions. :smiley:

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