Homeric hymns invocation challenge

Athena asked me to chant one of each deities hymns daily for a while. I find it as good invocation practice tbh and thought I’d document my experiences here.

NB : it’s not big rituals and I’m not asking anything of the Gods yet. I feel it would be a good way to make connections and strengthen current connections.

Here is my source:



At first I felt nothing during this invocation, then I slowly entered a state of minor ecstacy. Kinda like drinking too much wine XD.

I felt like I was in a partying mood, I wanted to dance and meet new girls despite being in my house.

Dionysus himself had not much messages for me but this deity definitely has some potent partying energy and the energy is also chaotic yet very controlled.

This will be one deity I invoke before going to parties and events.

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: wonderful!!!

This is a truly awesome pathworking

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I have forgot to reply to this. Will update.


I just finished listening to an album called ‘Dionysus’ by the duo Dead Can Dance which is basically an album dedicated to the invocation of Dionysus’s legacy and I experienced something unmatchable!

So if you aren’t already aware of their album and still work with Dionysus, I’d highly recommend their album (it’s just 2 long(ish) songs compiled into one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rhPQSre5AM

I felt like I was on drugs, I am someone who personally hates drugs, but their album put me into a trance, into a highly euphoric, yet calming state. I felt drunk, high and in love all at the same time, I was like this for a good 20 minutes and even after listening to the album, I can’t shake the feeling.

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Hymn 2 Demeter:

With her as much as I feel the loving warmth and growth of spring and summer, I also feel her darker aspects in terms of winter and autumn. She’s a powerful Goddess. I haven’t worked with her much since the time I invoked her last year but she pops in now and then and can actually be quite snarky in a playful way.

Hymn 3 : Apollo:

Damn were do I start.

With him everytime I invoke him, I feel a warm ray of light overtake my body. He is very beautiful and has a good sense of humor. Quite playful and foward. After invoking him I feel more masculine and balanced. He can protect a magician from threats of a spiritual nature. I have invoked him for healing and have received decent results (my eyes felt better and less strained) and during music well I got over technical. I can’t remember any convos now but he’s hands down one of my favorite spirits.

Hymn 4: Hermes:

This cheeky bastard kissed me the first time we met. Like wtf. However he has a very playful youthful energy which shouldn’t be underestimated because he’s no doubt one of the most intelligent spirits out there. He is playful and energetic and I asked him for help with money once. There were delays but I received more than I asked for. He’s looking over my shoulder reading this with a big grin so yeah. He also appears much smaller in size than the other Gods but with a mischievous look in his eyes.

Hymn 5 : Aphrodite :

Ahh such a beautiful Goddess. Her energy reminds me of a dark pink rose been kissed by the morning sun. She has many aspects including a Warrior aspect, psychopomp and masculine form. She is sweet to have around and always makes me feel better and invokes a gentleness in my heart. Whenever someone talks me down she picks me up however she’s also a fierce no bs warrior. Very passionate and won’t hesitate to rough you up a bit and protective over anybody she likes. A very touchy Goddess who you don’t wanna piss off. She’s probably the Greek Goddess I’ve connected to the most and my tattoo is partially dedicated to her. Thinking about her makes me feel loved and worthy.

Is this all you have to do reach out to the Greek Gods to talk with them? Meditate on them and chant the Homeric hymns like mantras?


There’s many ways to reach out to the Hellenic pantheon. If you want you can chant the hymns like mantras but I prefer to just say it once as some hymns are long

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That’s true they are. I actually tried this earlier with the Homeric hymns and in the past with the Orphic. I get burned out fast trying recite the whole hym more of then not without pausing.

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I’ve only used the Orphic Hymn to Nyx and it’s also alive in a sense.

I should do an Orphic hymn challenge next. Thanks :grimacing:

I wish the website had one for Hades, I found his on another website. I’m thinking of doing one of Aphrodite. Very interesting journal!

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I mean there’s no rule that says you have to use the Orphic over the Homeric hyms. They seem to respond to both. In the past I have alternated between them when conducting rituals. I think I would prefer these mediations your doing instead because they seem less complicated

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I use these to connect with him. Maybe they’ll benefit you too. They say Hades wasn’t worshipped very much in ancient Greece so maybe that’s why there’s no hymn

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There are hymns but not under that name. Hades is the place not the ruler of the underworld. Pluto is the ruler of the underworld and there are hymns to him in the orphic hymns I think. https://www.amazon.com/Orphic-Hymns-Translation-Occult-Practitioner/dp/0738753440/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1XZRMH3Z2KA7Y&dchild=1&keywords=orphic+hymns&qid=1629440711&sprefix=Orphic+Hym%2Caps%2C231&sr=8-3


Thank you!

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Wasn’t Pluto the Roman name for Hades??

I mean Hades could be the name of both the place and the deity much like Hel in Norse Lore

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I think your right but it’s alot more complicated then that. Greek Mythology is awfully confusing tbh. THE UNDERWORLD (by Ancient Greece Reloaded) - YouTube

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