Homeric hymns invocation challenge

Onion I found a hym to Pluto (IE Hades) on page 267 in this book and it’s under the name Pluto but he is the same as Hades I believe.


Thank you, but sadly I don’t have the book nor can I buy it. My family doesn’t know about my practice.

No problem. Here it is. The Wealthy One — The Orphic Hymn to Plouton (Hades) | greekrevivalistmommy and here The Initiations of Orpheus: XVII: To Pluto


Thank you!

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I never really updated this thread so years after doing this I shall.

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Hymn 6: Ares:

Ironically I haven’t experienced Ares as a deity of senseless bloodshed. He has a temper but it’s not been as terrifying for me and even in battle he is calm though he knocks the absolute shit our of me in sparring and doesn’t hesitate to use violent techniques such as biting.

I felt the more Noble aspect of the warrior particularly the Spartan and was filled with vigor and vitality. Feeling his presence is amazing he is like the commander that motivates you to go coward. Red energy and that of Sparta is extremely strong with him and athleticism. He’s deifiently a God of that.

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Hymn 7: Artemis:

Being Male I was naturally afraid to approach her but I’ve never regretted it.

Her energy is that of the woods both its beauty and ruthlessness. She is a Goddess that gives no fucks and can slaughter an entire village if she deems fit. She’s powerful, independent and strong and knows it. She submits to no one. Energies of the stag and bear are strong with her and lots of greens.

She is also very childlike and loves playing. Believe it or not she can be one of the sweetest and most free spirited Goddesses in my experience. She wants me to state her love for pine cones and pine scents here.

Duality and perfect. She’s one of my favorites and one I vibe with quite well.


Hymn 8: Athena:

Ahb the first Greek Deity I ever met and one of my favorites as a teen.

Her energy is silver and white. Olive and owl imagery. She’s a defender and from my experience she’s the shield while Ares is the spear and it’s pure foolishness to view one as superior and both she and her brother respect each other and she did stand up for him and showed a dislike to anyone who thinks she’d humiliate him.

Honroable and brave. Passionate but that cold type of passion. Arts and War and even love is what I felt.

She’s like a badass big sister and she deifiently gives off a protective and competitive vibe


Hymn 9: Hera:

She was a Goddess I had dreaded approaching but ended up being one of the best I’ve ever worked with.

She’s beautiful and powerful and regal. She is no doubt strong and can appear cold at first but she’s really friendly. Peacock, wine and grapes and cheese imagery.

Strong willed and tough love. Also big sister but also tough love motherly vibes. She rules over the mind and psyche in my upg. Actually I called on her for assistance in a mind control spell and she broke virtually every other spell placed on the individual that bad people had cast.

Also if you friendly with her she might smite your enemies. Just don’t Piss this Goddess off. She’s kinda like an Olympic Nyx.


Update : Ares showed me more of his real war side. Now obviously the average Joe does not need this aspect. It’s saved for the brutality of the battlefield.

I used the Ares mediation by Mimirs Well and he showed me some of the most horrifying aspects of war. Torture, mutilation, human excrement, fear, madness and pain. This was to remind me of his more dark aspect.

Still a cool deity.

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