Holy Guardian Angels on strike?

The issue of our HGA has always intringued me. Sometimes I feel that everybody and his dog can make contact with a host of different spirits (demons, angels, djins, olympic, etc) and having lengthty conversations and visions, obtaining help from these entities. However, our own HGA seems almost impossible to contact with. A spirit supodsely asigned to us to procure our highest good seems to do nothing when we are struggling with our lives, even when we call for his help with our most sincere intention. Someone can say that he does not help because in that moment there is a lesson we have to learn, but if that is the case, the other spirits do help us disregarding if we need a lesson or not.
Is there any explanation for this behaviour?

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I don’t think I can say that magick has ever failed me. I have failed magick, and I have not always understood the wisdom of some manifestations that magick has produced in my life because I am (at least currently) limited in my perception of time, whereas magick exists beyond time, knows all possibilities, and gives me what I want at the deepest levels when I ask for it, and sometimes without me needing to do that.


Well, I don’t think the “HGA” is different than the higher self, and it IS you. So learn to communicate with your subconscious basically, and you’ll get through. This is approached the best I’ve seen in the practice of Controlled Remote Viewing, invented by Ingo Swann and developed for the US military under the Stargate program. Also called “developing your astral/psychic senses”, same thing.

Yeah I call that new age hopium. Shit happens because we’re effectively disabled: we’re deaf, blind and have amnesia as far as who we are, where we’ve been and what we can do are concerned. :smiley:

You can evoke the HGA and ask it same as other spirits. It’s not automatic under this model, you have to ask.

If you want that automatic all wise knowing, that again comes from the developing senses and learning to communicate through your subconscious thing, it’s basically talking about becoming enlightened That is something that develops out of working on your psychic senses.

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You should write a book (:slightly_smiling_face: lol xD

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The western equivalent to a tulpa. You have to make it first.

For a book about contacting your “Holy Guardian Angel” I can recommend this one: