Holistic Hypnosis Guide

Before I start, understanding the electrical physics of what we are doing is paramount to success. Dan Winter explains it with information-dense lectures, like activations, you will not be sorry you watched it so here is the link… And this is just one of many of his highly illuminating videos but they all basically have the same jist…

So I’ve been tapping into this upload of information this entity gave me… here is the story…

It’s been almost 10 years, by now I know for a fact that it gave me something that I need to give to the world. Something like the formation of a system is happening here.

This event along with the event of me signing a contract to sell my soul to my uncle who is a mathematician/physicist, the Ayahuasca trip where I was overloaded with information, the Amanita trip where i died a hundred times, the DMT blastoff at the 2013 rainbow gathering, the LSD trip at a christian rehab farm in Colorado, are all significant events, milestones in the realization and activation of the energetic mechanisms which were installed by that entity.

The soul contract inspired my uncle to torture me with threats, gang stalkers, cameras, basically he gaslit the fuck outta me. Originally the contract was a joke, I told myself I would never do it, but once I did it, on my birthday of all days, something in me got fucked up beyond painful. So much shame and guilt I’ve had to work through all these years, and my uncle was kNOT helping, lol. This experience helped me realize the nature of soul though, a flow of infinite energy, not a finite object. The painstaking journey it took to fully realize that, THE PAIN that he put me through was key to generating the massive amount of energy, strength, and power I would need to transmute into gold.

After the many threats to my family and I, and the constant bombardment of fear-eater style sorcery I decided to concentrate all this energy into his death. I will go into this process later, describing in detail the amount of meta-programming I have done to work this project.

I am naturally euphoric, lucky enough to be a megalomaniacally blissed out yogi, so the alien entity experience only shot my euphoria and sense of specialty through the roof. I am fueled by the implications it has for reality and the world.

So the system of magic I’ve been formulating, based out of all this, is a holistically sound, highly technical, and innovative system. It doesn’t require any pre-formulated ritual or beliefs. The magic is in the meta-programming of thee unconscious and subconscious faculties. It’s basically like an upgrade you can apply to any practice. It does take dedication and consistent practice, like concentration and focus exercise, but the effects, once momentum is gained, are undeniable and mind-blowing, with great strides of improvement nearly everyday. I will try to explain it clearly. Please ask questions, they help me focus on a particular subject or area of the system.

Symplexity and Synchroharmony. Information organization is what it’s all about. The efficiency of the flow is what determines the efficacy of intention, and is determined by the coherence of perception.

Now, we’re honing in on your belief system, convictions make convicts, so stay with me without assuming too much. Your core beliefs, your priorities and principles, your ideals are what matter here. Whatever they are, if they are in line with your true will, then we are going to fortify and fit them snug into place so that nothing gets in their way. Anything that isn’t optimal for you, if you decide, will fade away and be replaced by a glorious knowledge of your true self.

Symbolism is how we do this. Your intimacy with your own personal mythology is what you would work on. Interpreting events in your life, specifically highly emotional and significant events that are the most influential over your personality, thus over reality. You can interpret your timeline in a way that makes it legendary. By legendary, I mean that your mythological reality template fits perfectly into the consensus reality, and your astral world fits perfectly into the astral world of every other immortal myth living it up in the æther, which gives you a place to go with eternal connections every which way, allways when you die, which you hopefully will do before you actually die.

Here is an example, if a man discovered/invented a new efficient way to build an engine, and capitalizes on it, a simple symbolic solution to help his unconscious process and capitalize on the emotional gravity of such an event would be to see it as he helped the world go faster. He could further bring the symbolism of that to include other events and priority systems into the symbolically sound mix by saying he helped the world move towards instantaneity, thus bringing the singularity ever-nearer, the singularity being end-game for this guy, he gets an extra emotional boost by interpreting these events this way because it fuels his purpose. End-Game would be thee umbrella under which all events are covered, covered with assurance that they are safe and sound, sheltered in a whole structure, a perfect symbol to embody your entire existence and purpose, the macrocosm that defines the microcosm, and vice-versa. This end-game is your gateway into immortality. Your astral immortality is what we are working on here with this system.

To be legendary is to have Chrono-Charisma. Charisma is charm, enchantment, influence, a hypnotic personality is convincing. A timeless personality, larger than life, is convincing on a wholly other reality hacking level, and is achieved by embedding your astral template into the atmosphere. Your astral template is made up of the same stuff that yearns are made of. When you use the power of yearning or longing, you are reaching through time to touch a moment, to magnetize your aura, to attract it by attuning your intuition to an enhanced degree of familiarity with such an outcome. Using this yearning to embed your interpretations, to meditate and contemplate on, and emotionally charge the myth in relation to the reality, you start building connections, and you help your vision fit into reality. It’s like a puzzle. Meanings as puzzle pieces.

A couple things I’ve learned before we go one, nothing is true, everything is perfect, anything is possible. You only need your mind, whatever your doing, your mind has all the power to manifest out of thin air, no need for ritual except as an introduction to the unconscious processæs of the mind. Everything is always synchronized and on purpose, the divine reason of nature is not graspable in our position except symbolically, metaphorically, anecdotally, you get the point, because the point is all you have, your point, the one you choose to understand reality through. Nature does have your best intentions in mind. Most importantly, your subjective understanding is your choice and only yours, grab it, take hold of it, own it, crack it, hone it, hack it. Your limitless subjective understanding is what determines your objective in this life, your purpose. It’s yours to define.

With this power, having claimed the rite to choose your interpretation of the symbolic nature of reality, and it is purely symbolic. Reality is indirectly perceived, filtered down through our sensory apparatus, it’s like this so that we can process our place in our progress as omniversal gods going through our own creation, for the sake of adventure, because what god wants to live alone in a dark place with all the power? We give our godhood away to ourself so that we can go through the adventurous circuitous process of rediscovering divinity. We are a fractured divinity, we ARE one, one schizophrenic god with a diffracted consciousness, split up into oblivion, science is the spiritual art of dissecting soul so that we, as god, can experience the hellish responsibility that comes with ultimate knowledge so that our heaven can be that much better.

So with this realization we have the authority to deem meaning as we see fit. I deem the glitch, the mistakes, the clumsiness, and distractions to adhere to a law of my own design. Every time I get distracted, and lose focus, the mechanism I have installed allows those glitches to contribute to the production of meaning which fuels my purpose. With my uncle, when I am actively enforcing my will over his, everything revolves around that point of focus, the manifestation of his death. When I get up from my meditative focus session, having prepared the energy, the steps I take are on top of his remains, scattered through the pixelated hologram of his shattered reality which is my euphoric divinity, the doors I open are opening up access into his unconscious presence, when I shut them, I shut him off from his resources, when I raise my arm i raise legion against him and when I lower it I set them against him as he gets crushed with the gravity of my will. When I pick my nose i am picking him out of my life and flicking him away as If he was nothing but a booger. If I do a mountain pose I establish a direct link to thee axis mundi where I have access to his life-line, establishing resonance with his vibe, everything down to the smallest detail is the goal. But these interpretations are in no way limited to such small thinking, they are reinforced by my astral template which is backed by countless symbols, all connected in various ways, all connections emotionally charged and static within my subconscious ready to feed whatever endeavor I’m into.

Everything is always synchroharmonious, placebo or not, it’s subjective, and your subjectivity is divine. The multiplicitous signs and omens you receive are given to you by yourself through your divine influence awakening up to it’s omnipotent nature. Cherish them and seek them out, they indicate and potentiate the powers and principalities you are choosing to align with.

Another important thing which some of you might find difficult, everything that exists, whatever it is, an object, an idea, a phantasm, a place, a belief system, it all has a place in the omniverse, to reject it is to reject a part of yourself, which is totally acceptable, however, denial is not an effective way to get rid of something. If you don’t believe in the bible, don’t just bag on it, integrate and assimilate everything that exists. Meaning, look on the bright side of how this thing is good for you, make it work for you instead of dismissing it as useless. Everything that exists is a resource which can be broken down and factored into the equation to make it fit in with your purpose and astral template.

On repetition, working out the kinks, and ritual. Our perception of time arises out of our perception of patterns, time is space which you can travel through, there is only now, the illusion of time arises out of the patterns of motion which occupy space. So many minute patterns are happening under your nose, the algorhythmic nature of which is what makes it seem like things are going forward. You are hypnotized by a myriad of patterns. Most people are zombies in this sense, having lost track of time literally because they have become so distracted by the illusion. When you think of it in terms of hypnosis, you begin to realize that every thought you have is a hypnotic suggestion, every single action you commit to is entraining you more and more into that pattern. I am offering a way to break free and reprogram your sense of time so that you can charm the masses and start hypnotizing time itself. Daily ritual, and the metaphorical nature of you handle it is HIGHLY suggestive to thee unconscious mind because our rituals are our frameworks which define the time we inhabit.

Where we come from is how we approach the matter at hand. Everything revolves around the matter. What’s the matter? It’s the subject matter of the current situation, the objective for which we assume a position, a stance of how we will handle what goes on(what goes on and why doesn’t it come off?) Because it sticks, materializing the matter at hand.

On toroidal visualization. In the Dan Winter lecture he emphasizes the importance of visualizing toroidal geometries. I can’t possibly stress the importance of this enough. It’s what is helping all of my thoughts form emotionally coherent symbolic connectomes as hypnotic suggestions, object-oriented programming, designing at a moments notice the immortal impression of this life in time-space. I visualize the torus and how it helps everything connect, it bridges gaps. Here’s an excerpt from one of my facebook notes:

“Through visualizing a geometrical flow of nodes within a system defined by coordinated points in time-space which you designate, you can create a visual backbone like a funnel flow into the point of focus. the goal being, to pierce every single moment of my life with an ultra-focused, totally conscious concentration of efforts toward the grace-fulfillment of the law(the law being toroidal in nature, guided by my authority). Configure priorities that are relative to your own karmic imprint upon reality in order to tune your intuition to pick up the frequencies of things you don’t know but things that you need to know because they are relevant to the intention you have set in stone with priority systems embedded into symbol sets,”

The etymology of torus means law or the turning of the wheel(the law wheel). It’s self-sufficient, and it is the most efficient shape for information organization. Visualizing it helps your unconscious cohere your emotions and collect your thoughts.

On muscle memory. Hypnotic entrainment of muscle memory through repetitious activities such as dancing, working out, yoga, playing sports, working a job, making love is what makes this system truly effective and magical. This is where your psycho-somatic awareness gets finely tuned. Over time if you involve meditation and energy work into these practices, mindfully maintaining a practiced focus, coming from a concentrated place of personal power, your astral template will utilize all it’s embedded symbol sets in a way that is beneficial to your physical conduct. Your intuition and timing are greatly enhanced when you approach an activity with intent to dedicate it’s metaphorical nature to a subconscious impression of force. You don’t have to know the meaning of what your doing right away, if it means something important your subconscious will reveal it to you. What’s important is your belief in the power of your mythological template. These beliefs need to be ritualistically reinforced. If you can’t program a belief with psychedelics, which I highly recommend, then do it with rituals, it’s slower and less effective, but I understand the aversion to psychedelics if that is not your thing. So if you go about your daily activities seeking synchroharmony to reinforce your mythological purpose, you will find it and it will feed the force of momentum you are rolling with. Your emotional connection to whatever your doing is going to determine how intuitively involved your body is with it, thus your mind. Intimacy with the matter at hand should be practiced. One should establish coherent emotional bridges to leverage off of for a vantage point over the atmosphere. For instance, passion is part of flow. Passion comes from emotional intensity. Learning how to handle your emotions dispassionately is what allows you to transmute those emotions into flow energy.

A simple exercise to establish emotionally charged, mnemonic constellations of personal power is to bring a power object with you that you have charged. Say it’s a small wand you carry in your pocket, when your at work use it and project force into whatever course of action you are about to embark upon as a reminder of what it symbolizes to you. You can use strings and tie colored strings to objects in the environments which you inhabit to anchor a certain spot in your mnemonic constellation that symbolizes a state you are trying to reach, and it’s connected to the wand because you have a string of the same color establishing resonance with the object of desire. Strings and knots are very powerful tools for establishing links.

In this system I use free-flow tai chi and yoga. I don’t believe you attain mind-body mastery without establishing the bridges which these practices provide. I think I will hold off on this section of the system and maybe do a video with a demonstration and explanation instead. I will say I do use chi to bless objects/places/people to embed them into my mythological memory. This is one of the most powerful techniques i’ve discovered, that’s if you can actually handle chi.

On making things work to your advantage. Thinking positively, or on the bright side is a big part of my power. Everything is always balanced, the law of balance will always maintain itself. There is equally positive and negative aspects of a situation, wherever you focus your attention is your choice. Say you get called into work when you were supposed to have a day off, instead of grumbling in misery, say fuck yah an opportunity to struggle and overcome an obstacle, one more barrier down! You leverage your confidence under the fact that you desire strength, diligence, perseverance, and not to mention money, more so than you desire a day off. You use reasoning to convince your ego that it is going to benefit from the struggle. Find the benefits and let the tensions of the negatives feed the strengthening process.

More to come.



See man, this is awesome. If you opened with this instead of saying you’re a demigod, people would’ve been a lot more receptive to what you had to say.


Thank you.


Another example is how a long time ago I decided to deem a value into the sound of a revving engine passing through on a nearby road. I deemed the value equivalent to a DMT rush, meaning, I enforced an association, I charged a correlation between revving engines in cars that are passing by, and the DMT rush. So now if I’m doing spiritual/energy work and I hear the revving engine of, especially a motorcycle, but any cars, I am fed a reminder of what it’s like for an onslaught of DMT to break my barriers. This feeds a rush of energetic power into whatever i am willing into that moment. I wasn’t even on DMT when I established this connection and I hadn’t done it anytime around that deeming of value…


On the Gentle Enforcement of piercing awareness.

I am entirely too used to enforcing my own perception because of my engrained belief that it is more effective, more conducive to wisdom than most other organized perception of worlds. I have been approached by the great spirit too often telling me to tone it down, relax, slow down, patience, work on yourself and they will come, stop trying to forcibly illuminate people. I even have a concept I call Brute Force Enlightenment, which I’ve discovered on the wrong, incompatible personalities, it only damages. I’ve learned through this brute force attack against ignorance that knowledge of certain things, awarenesses of specific facts or laws are placed out of reach for good reason, for the reason that if you didn’t go through a tribulatory lesson to discover the next step, you would destroy yourself with too much at once.

Knowledge of certain truths are kept from us until we have surpassed and learned the lesson that is required of us before we come to higher realizations.

This led me through a great deal of suffering because I have all this love and gnosis to give to the world, to help beings evolve, to quicken the singularity, but I was trying to enforce it too heavily. So I am still easing in to the easement of ‘allowing’ sentient beings to evolve at their own pace. The frustration arising from this is desperately trying to feed into a brute force style of wisdom, but I am learning thee importance of gentility.

I was observing a heron today, and my instinct was trying to command it to carry out my will, but my newfound gentility arose to take it’s place to say ‘Hey, you can see me, but thee amount of me that you do see is dependant on how much control over me you are willing to let go.’ So my third eye was peering deep into the soul of this Heron, attempting to brute force unlock the secrets of its presence there at that time in order to program a new function for it, but my heart was breaking open like layers of a flower peeling apart to allow the Heron it’s autonomy, because I knew that I needed to just accept the fact that it was there only to justly be. ‘Just be with it’ my heart said, and so the energy I was pulling from the frustration and the love and beauty, from thee acceptance of facts for the sake of my evolution, from the letting go… This energy pool that has been building from so much enforced will, so much yang fire, was instantly calmed by the wind blowing through me, allowing this realization to settle.


Here’s some more condensed explanations…


Demons work 4 angles.


The torus is core also to my way of operating in the matrix. I believe the singularity has already happened, and we have achieved collective ascension as a species, together as one, but still maintaining precious individuality.

I am wondering if you’ve noticed, that the more you form your astral avatar, and gain lucidity, the more do you see other peoples astral presence more clearly? I have grown to see synchronous, morpho-genetic maps of other people’s karma, and have noticed that the closer I get to people, the more they are subconsciously playing off of my magic, discovering the archetype within themselves.

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Very good read I did alot of self programming while reading this there’s some stuff I do understand but in time I should, im definitely wanting the type of awoken reality you visualize here. Awe darn just seen he’s banned seems like I tend to want to interact with the people that acted out and got banned I assume because there connection to there emotions overtook them. I just got to the point where I can just think or say love or hate and Instantly feel some of that emotion it’s nice.

@knot yea I’ve noticed when I’m around strong people I’m able to connect with myself more and am more capable one o the reasons I’m on the site to get the Inspiration from the magic o others.

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