Holistic Hypnosiz

Holistic hypnosis is based on repetition, entraining the wave patterns of our electrical field whilst engraining it into the muscle memory of the body through exersize, dance, any movement-based activity which you would interpret metaphorically so as to build a symbolic bridge between your unconscious mind and your body to impress upon it a hypnotic suggestion hidden in the mythological interpretation of everything you do. Eventually, you will build a level of concentration to where you can visualize the mythical world of symbols you’ve been mapping out through intensive engagement of reality with choice of prophecy, for the backbone of it being FOCUS, you will have a direct link to your source, the source of all things, which is a timeless place from which you will come from, because where we come from is how we approach the matter at hand. As well uou will open a direct link with your fate which you are, at that eternal point in still space, programming at every turning point, a new perception to embed into the fractal of your toroidal world. We will be basing all visualization out of the torus. Questions, please, let them pour forth…


I feel like I understand. I feel that the goal is to regain control of yourself (mind.body.spirit.and all else) and bring everything back to a centered and focused point from which all decisions should be made and all action taken, on this physical plane or not. I imagine myself at the center of a circle and within the circle it is peaceful and calm. Its almost like a control panel, in a sense…

hmm. am I near the same page you are on?

Yes. That central point should be encompassed by a symbol. The symbol would be a god-like, all and none sort of symbol. I was lucky enough to be approached and abducted by an ultraterrestrial who came in the form of an oval portal of pure white light with an outer hue rim of light blue. It uploaded this system of esoteric information organization into me which i have been ecperiencing the process of and tapping directly into the root of it so that i can explain exactly how to do it. It just takes practice, persistence, diligence, like any practice. This one requires concentration and visualization to be practiced most frequently as the basis or source of the beginnings of the manifested will.

But anyway, the ufo is my symbol.

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And yes, control is gained by careful moderation and recording of local statistics in regards to the symbolic feedback you are getting from the universe as it reflects the way your unconscious perception of reality manifests as thoughts and emotions which are key to understanding where you are coming from which is what determines where you go.

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By analyzing your thought patterns and how they evoke emotions, you can start facilitating a contemplative, hypnotic trance by holding a steady concentration throughout your day replacing negative or detrimental thought patterns with healthier more productive thought patterns. Eventually your bridge you build through familiarizing yourself in this way with your sub/unconscious faculties will be so finely tuned that you can start really hacking away at the specifics of design.

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Applying this hyper-focused meta-cognition into exercises like working out, dancing, sports, games, chores, work, any rituals in time and space that you are attuned to will build your psycho-somatic awareness, and strengthen the way your body responds to your programmed intuition. Programming thee intuition is done through the realization and activation of the prayer muscle which is to yearn. Yearning is how you attune your intuition to something. The more of a magnetic pull you can accomplish in the containment of longstanding waves in the mind that are produced in yearnful prayer, the more powerful your attraction to that thing will become.

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