Hindu practitioners or anyone... need some help here

I dont know what section to put this in so i just did general.

So i am a practicing hindu and have a close relationship with my dieties. My dieties have been with me since i was born and help protect and guide me, im grateful for them and dont know where i would be without them. I have been dealing with a mentally ill family memebr ever since young who is and has been completely out of control. She has caused many problems within our family and was the cause of the death of another family member. She dabbles in obeah and uses bible verses to do things although my readings tell me some sort of chaos magic becuase of the situations that happen around her are chaotic and wild and you can tell we hatever it is she is doing take require alot of energy or sacrifices.

She was responsible for the death of a very important family member that was the matriarch of the family. She gave her covid physically and spiritually she did a work to ensure her death. It was for insurance money and to steal all the familys wealth for herself. None of the family speaks to her or wants anything to do with her because how malicious and bane she is. She also has one main person in the family completely under her control, literally like a zombie. She has made this person turn on his close family and siblings, he has signed over his house and all of his bank accounts and has him isolated from his family by blocking thier numbers on his on his phone. She has a long history of disturbijg behavior, like setting up her 10 year old son to commit crimes for her, sexuallt abusing a mentally ill patient. Fraud, theft ,i mean the list goes on she currently cannot be around some family becuase of restraining orders becuase of her behavior.

Recently the person under her control to tried to take me to court for property that they have no right to and i know this was her hair brain scheme because she wants everything to hersself and wants to punish the family for no reason that i can think of aside from being crazy and no one wants to be around her or speack to her. The whole family had to step in and stop the court matter which is currently being closed up and finished.

I am so fed up of dealing with her and so is everyone else. I dont or ever have on purpose or intentionally tried to do spiritual or physical harm to her as i am a believer in karma in a sense of what you put out comes back to you. I and the family tried to have nothing to do with her but she still incites and seeks out trouble. I have always been a good person and try to live i guess what you would call right hand path. I am familiar with alot of other beliefs and practices but stick to the hindu dieties.

I am seeking out help specifically by another advanced hindu spiritualist to help me and give some insight or even a reading on the situation becuase i want to put a stop to her madness and return things to some kind of normalcy in my and my family life. I talk to and work with my dieties to help me and they always protect me from her nonsense, no negotiating with them when it comes to my protection. I think becuase i dont want to harm anyone or living thing i have some issue with dealing her a debilitating blow as i do not delve in harming others and things have gotten ridiculously insane and something needs to be done.

If someone can offer some help or insight on how to deal with this and maybe try to read and pick up on the situation i would be grateful. I have gotten a few techniques on here which has helped but i want to take things to another level and other hindu practitioners or people familiar with hindu gods can help me to get closer to my dieties and help me to put a stop to her. If any one can help would be appreciated. Feel freeto ask questions about details or pm me if you would like.

Also i would like to tip my hat to E.A. Koetting, the mods on this site and the spirits that help run this site. I have much repsect for the regulars here who help people. Thank you in advanced to everyone for maling this site a possiblity.

A few ideas come to mind.

First, as a lot of this is being generated by her, ywo workings:

  1. Put a reverse mirror shield around her: it’s like a permanent Return to Sender spell, so that everything negative she does immediately bounced back on to her: call it instant karma… Then if she keeps doing her black magick she’s only hurting herself.
  2. A binding, (which give the above is a kindness), to stop her working against your family, or even wanting to.
  3. As you are probably non violent, consider a modified “death” spell, the intention being to remove her from all your lives, as if she might as well have died: you never hear from her again.
  4. A hex breaking to remove the spell from the zombified person
  5. A working to expose her criminal activities so others in authority see it, such as her sexual abuse, so she gets fired and will have to look for work elsewhere
  6. Having lost her her job, a working to get a job where she can’t harm anyone that she can’t refuse, far, far away from you

There’s a lot of work and detailed pieces in this so work on each aspect and put in as much energy as she does only a bit more.

  1. From there, she sounds in need of a massive healing. She cannot see herself and tells lies to herself about how she’s the victim and other’s deserve it, so do a working to hold a mirror to her and make her see, and when she can see she can start to heal.
    But really she’s burned her bridges and she’d best do that somewhere else.
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Thank you for the breakdown and insight. I do appreciate it. I agree with what you stated although the reverse mirror thing and binding and hex breaking and exposing , im not familiar with any methods on how to do these things. I would have to mix it up and use my imagination and ask my dieties to assist me in doing the work. Do you suggest any astral traveling methods or techniques to accomplish these things cleanly staying within the lines of nonviolence and self defense and justice?

Some ideas:

The mirror will be quite intuitive, as you visually a mirror to create one energetically around her. Kali ma is protective of her children and can help. Some of her aspects are chaotic and may have been worked against you, enlisting her can counteract that.

We have some hex breaking spells or you can visualise it as a cord between her and the victim that you cut.

I like to use poppets for binding: you make a doll of the target that becomes her, and wind it up in yarn as if tying up her mouth and arms and legs so she can do anything against you.

Then burn the poppet or bury it as in a funeral rite to symbolize she is dead to you.

Any entity for presperity to get her a new job: tell it it must be far away.

Thank you for the insight. I dont think mother would work against me she seems to be the one helping me now and i have asked her to help already and i know she is responsible for helping me with the house court situation. I will admit that mothers energy is powerful but i always experience her as overwhelmingly loving and caring for me. Also this family member doing all this is not hindu she pretends to be Christian but uses bible magic obeah and im pretty sure some kind of necromancy hoodoo type magick its a very chaotic energy tho and reeks of the dead.

What about having a word with Yama the god of the dead then? Cut off her control of those people and find them rest?

I study Dvaita Vedanta and have gnosis regarding hinduism and its spiritual nondual truths, though I am not a practicing hindu per-se, I am a Luciferian.

You have already received a good answer. My answer to you is pertaining to your path, and it is a question: Do you or have you called to the following:

Lord Narasimha/Gandaberunda
Mother Kali/any of the 10 Mahavidyas
Lord Kala
Lord Rudra or Veerabhadra
Lord Yama

-Lotan Vovin

Thats a possibility i will explore.

I have not contacted anyone of those listed exception being mother kali as she came in on her own to help me . Im from a traditional hindu family that prays to our family ishta dieties and my family doesnt really know about many other gods and diffrent philosophies and deal with the gita and ramanya and what the pundits tell them. I myself have had gurus and been initiated under them at different times in my life and being educated here in the states started to learn about diffrent schools of thought and philosophy in sanatana dharma and other religions.

I do pray to mother kali for help and protection now that i felt her come to help. I do not regularly pray to her but i do have a image of her that i occasionally offer flowers and thank her for her presence. Her energy is strong and i have alot of respect for her. Why do u ask sc4r?

In short,

All of them pertain to the destruction of illusions, enemies of truth, removal of obstacles and also tyrannies, the upheaval of time and space to allow for more freedom away from oppressive forces etc etc. They also destroy ego - which seems like it could play in.

-Lotan Vovin

Kali Ma…

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That is possible especially enemies of truth and temoval of obstacles and tyranny in regard to the family member i mentioned on here causing all the problems. Side note i dreamt lemons and a dog drinking water, when i looked up the meaning they interpret to ending a phase in life and starting a new and troubles and obstacles removed. Thanks for your input.

Did a long meditation last night and spoke with durga and kali and they siad i didnt have to do all that work pertaining to the family member becuase they are already taking care of it no need to do anything. Kali showed me what she was doing and also siad if i wanted to do anywork along side what they are doing that it would be fine that she would help me and i did do some of the work in the way she directed me. I have no lust for the result becuase she explained to me about the reason why things are happening in this manner was to liberate and bring me to a diffrent mindset about another stage in my life. So basically it was a rough version of leveling up.