Highway to Ascension or Failure?

@PsychoticSamurai Those are all the info you will need to evoke.

I shall take the knowledge you have given me and you it wisely. I let my mania fill my head with dreams but I must stay composed if I wish to walk with Lilith. Also I have a literally stupid question but one out of respect for Lilith : I have a few spiders in my house in very notable places, those places being my shower, beside the toilet, in front of the table holding my microwave and in my laundry room. I have already claimed the spider as my spirit animal and I know Lilith is associated with them, if I kill them would she be irritated or am I just worrying about nothing? Sorry about the long text it’s just no one in my personal circle knows what I’m talking about %95 of the time lol.

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I can’t speak for her. Ask her yourself.[quote=“PsychoticSamurai, post:16, topic:20770”]
and if banishing was necessary or would the entity leave of their own volition.
Some won’t. Those sort of entities are better not worked with till later.[quote=“PsychoticSamurai, post:16, topic:20770”]
I have no problem sharing my living space if Lilith stuck around however.

Just the right attitude.[quote=“PsychoticSamurai, post:16, topic:20770”]
And you’re right that would be the smarter decision yeah? Wouldn’t want to wind up trapped in some dark souls esque place as a hollow lol.

Don’t offend a Demon. Just don’t.

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Oh no I didn’t mean it would be displeasing it would actually be my version of a heaven. I view demons as entities of pardon the expression “gods of getting shit done”. When I was a kid I even called myself a demon and have been obsessed with them my entire life to the horror of those around me. I hold nothing but love for them and their teachings.

@PsychoticSamurai Yes. If you love Demons then you are well set for this Path.

Oh and if the last reference seemed offensive I was referencing a video game that reminds me of the Qliphoth, a game which I am terrible at but upon further thought may be inspired by it, though I know though Qliphoth is no game one bit. And yeah sometimes I think my fascination with demons may be too intense and I worry if I come off as a poser, but I’m a shockingly dark individual, which is why I repressed my true nature for so long but at age 25 it’s time to say f*ck it and jump into the darkness. The light burns my eyes anyway.

@PsychoticSamurai Martinet Press says that true Satanists have to struggle to fit in because they are too dark.

Man that’s so true lol. Surprisingly my mom was Christian and accepted my views on demons but when I offered her to join she was a chickensh*t lol. She was actually the only person who didn’t damn me or laugh when I told her that I felt Lucifer was demonized for simply being who he is. And being who I am I admired his nuts to stand up to so called capital G.o.d… To quote Dana White - isn’t he awesome lol. It’s funny though Jehovah’s witnesses now avoid my whole street now and they have a building a few miles around the corner :joy::joy::joy:.

@PsychoticSamurai The Temple of Ascending Flame is actually not that dark as far as it goes.

Yeah you’re right it really isn’t. Asenath Mason and the temple are the perfect combination of darkness and beauty, I guess you could say fantastique. In fact I’m reminded of Hellraiser, though without the horrible bdsm gone oh so very wrong.

Was that the stuff I uploaded on the old forum?This is the thread, looks like the embedding got broken when we upgraded because the old forum resized them and this software uses different code, but the links seem to work if you click them, and I’ll tidy that post up when I get time:

Wow thanks a million! I literally had steam pouring off of me because I couldn’t out how to pm and I felt so stupid :joy:. But nonetheless it all worked out in the end. Oh and not to get off topic but I loved your manifesto and I hope to read your your other articles soon as well.

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