Highway to Ascension or Failure?

Hello once again you all! With formal introductions out of the way I’m the introduction thread I can now get to the reason I am here. As I mentioned in my introduction I have no experience with magick rituals, techniques or even meditation due to coming from a half-assed Christian background. Despite having incredible ambition, I tend to procrastinate and push things off for later and I’m sick of it. I have already downloaded a few pdfs on both the Draconian current and Qliphoth, though due to barely being able to pay rent or feed myself due to low income it will be a while before I’m performing more elaborate and proper rituals. Nonetheless I wish to pursue with whatever I can on my chosen path. For a little more background : I wish to work primarily with lilith who I have come to greatly respect and hope to have a long-term relationship with eventually should we be compatible. I also desire to work with the Qliphoth and more importantly for me the Draconian current, of which I feel called to greatly. My questions for you all are :

  • Without the necessary tools how can I contact Lilith for her guidance and to begin apprenticeship?
  • Is it idiotic to engage the Qliphoth when I am so new to practicing magick (be honest)?
  • Due to not having the funds to spare to buy the Draconian ritual book, how can I perform draconian medititations and other rituals?
  • To make up for my lack of alter and other items, what can I do to honor Lilith should my ambition be worth her time?
    I should not be remiss to mention that I also seek to learn astral projection and psychic vampirism, are these magical practices that can be learned with my means until I can do better financially? If these goals are too farfetched or impossible at this time, what are some techniques I can get into the daily habit of doing to reach my goals? Thank you and sorry for the wall of text, I love to talk about this stuff :rofl: ps - never listen to ac/dc while typing lol
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@Lady_Eva should have a sigil and incantation of Lilith I once sent her.
I’m trying to compile seals and info on everybody. I lost a few seals that got thrown away.
A couple pointers about that.
I recommend breathing for an hour. Lie down in corpse pose. Be comfortable but not sleepy. Breathe normally, try to integrate but choke only when necessary to divert nose or mouth breathing. Start a breathing pattern, inhale, hold, exhale pause. Set an initial count of 4 with goal of 18. I fell short at 16 and hallucinated flames around floor molding. Remember to control the in and out airstreams. If your body itches, feel groped, just note it and don’t react. When you are at the midpoint in the breathing count, try to slowly open your eyes simultaneous. Close eyes and repeat. Whatever you see, observe and note, not judge or react. Look for scientic proofs and factors after going backward to three, with air control and eye opening and observing and closing.
Thirteen times the incantation while staring at and opening her sigil with midcount rhythmic breathing.
Be receptive, she will teach and initiate you into Qlippoth current.

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Wow that was fast I just put a pot of coffee on lol! Thank you for that. If contact is made should I say anything or should I let take the initiative in verbal contact? Oh and should I contact lady_Eva for the sigil and incantation?

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At the risk looking stupid how do can I send a pm to @Lady_Eva? I visit my profile but I can only respond to the robot from the sign up. Thanks for any help.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
Yes, @Lady_Eva should have them, and you should be able to click on her picture then message.
Yes, if Lilith is who you want, said thirteen times will get it. Say what’s on your heart and mind and use courtesy and control.
There have been countless banishing written in several countries.

I actually went to her profile numerous times and I couldn’t find a way to pm but I must have overlooked lol. And just to be sure do I say the incantation thirteen times? Sorry if I’m annoying you I’m just obsessive about perfection, it’s a terrible trait at times.

Click the link:
Click Message, top center.
Yes, you say the incantation thirteen times.

I still can’t get it lol maybe because I’m on mobile but I’ll get it eventually between now sometime tomorrow. And thanks for your patience lol, I hate making assumptions but you must have a sour opinion of me by now :sweat_smile:. I never really join forums unless truly interested which would explain my place as dunce of the month lol.

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Unless you mean click on one of the links on her page then send a message would that work?

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There are several ways to establish contact. Laying out a Circle such as the Universal Circle is always something I would encourage. A mirror can help greatly for initial contact. Blood can too, though that is controversial[quote=“PsychoticSamurai, post:1, topic:20770”]
Is it idiotic to engage the Qliphoth when I am so new to practicing magick (be honest)?
No.[quote=“PsychoticSamurai, post:1, topic:20770”]

  • Due to not having the funds to spare to buy the Draconian ritual book, how can I perform draconian meditations and other rituals?
    They have A LOT of public information on the site.[quote=“PsychoticSamurai, post:1, topic:20770”]
  • To make up for my lack of alter and other items, what can I do to honor Lilith should my ambition be worth her time?
    I always go with blood. Others may go with other offerings.
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Would it be possible to contact her without the circle or would that be stupid? Not out of “aaah demon” fear, I’m actually fascinated with dark entities for banishing reasons. Also I did download a few pdfs from the ascending flame site and I credit Asenath Mason as my primary magical influence in fact. Also what are some safe ways of bloodletting you recommend or would semen be better for an entity like Lilith

It’s possible. It’s just easier to use a universal circle or something like that. Remember, this is NOT a protective circle.[quote=“PsychoticSamurai, post:12, topic:20770”]
I’m actually fascinated with dark entities for banishing reasons.

That is concerning depending on what you mean. If you do this properly you should never have to banish Lilith or any such entity. If your relationship deteriorates to that point, then you are screwed either way.

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Ask Lilith, or someone who’s worked with her more. My relationship with her isn’t that deep.

Best practices to focus on if you don’t have tools actually. You should probably learn basic skills before contacting Lilith. The Ascending Flame Materials don’t cover all the basic skills you need to know.

Are there any incantations needed or is it acceptable to simply call out to her after the blood offer? And I shall do that and you have definitely been a massive help lol. :neutral_face: autof*ck strikes again lol, what I really meant was that I am fascinated by dark entities in general, and if banishing was necessary or would the entity leave of their own volition. I have no problem sharing my living space if Lilith stuck around however. And you’re right that would be the smarter decision yeah? Wouldn’t want to wind up trapped in some dark souls esque place as a hollow lol.

It’s a lot more complicated than that.

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That’s fine all I have is time and opportunity heh. In the meantime I should definitely build my magical muscles up through meditation and even more research, but I feel proud I finally made a move of my own volition.


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More knowledge! I love it! Thank you! I was just wondering what next to research and I actually originally considered sigil work but never followed through for some stupid reason and that was three months ago, it’s sad. I shall definitely dissect these articles.