Highest Good question

Lots of people like to throw into their spells a phrase about things being for the highest good.

does this even work?

It sounds good but then this idea hit me.

David asks God if he can build him a house of cedar. God says no, your a bloody man.
So David was doing Gods will but God still holds him accountable for all the killing.

If we decide to add phrases like the spell being for the highest good, is it just mental masturbation for us to feel like we are good, or is there something to it. Is “highest good” real protection or just people trying to feel good about themselves.

This is the first time I read that concept, and I don’t understand it

Yeah I wonder the same thing. I generally think its to general to be useful. Who knows if the highest good will even benefit you?

Stop being so bloody lame, stop reading a book about a desert cult, and try asking “If God was me, would he/me think I was being a bit of a cunt?”

Simples! :hamster:


Basically, “for my highest good” is an attempt to protect oneself from any possible negative consequence from one’s magick or manifestation work. It is based upon the idea that the universe (or God or whatever you see as a higher power) knows better than you do what you truly need, and so will fulfil your request in a way that benefits you the most.

For some people, use of the phrase leads to outcomes far greater than the one they initially had in mind (like requesting a better car and getting a new sports car at a massively reduced price, for example), and for others, it nullifies everything.

In my opinion, it requires a trust in the Powers That Be that some people, such as myself, just don’t have.


And to add something, I believe that with this phrase you show that you are aware of the universe/ God, and you trust his perfect, heighest knowledge and powers. And with your spell, you aim to the heighest good and fair result which you are seeking to bring.

Intention is everything. So, yes, it works.

You are setting intention here party to avoid tricksyness from entities taking an easier route but one that has unwanted consequences. Could cause the working to take longer, but it might not, it depends on the energy flow.

Whether you want to include the probably depends on the type of working you’re doing. Healing, probably, baneing people, maybe not.

(Don’t really see the relevance of the story about a dude and some random entity he calls “god” there, or why houses made of cedar involve “all the killing”, so I can’t use that example or I would have tried.)

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