Hi, New Magician here o/

Hello, I’m MagusBrasil, I’m 30 years old and I live in Brazil, land of Samba and Macumbas from “Bahia de todos os Santos”… As sorcerers from Brazil say: Saravá!!!

I’m here on the site to learn from the occult community and share my experiences in the areas of occultism that I’m interested in: goetia, angelology, chakras, astral projection, energies, astral attack and defense, draconian magic, hoodoo, voodoo, exus, pombagiras .

I am a Conjure Hoodoo, I have been practicing this sorcery for 7 years, and also Brazilian sorcery with Exus and Pombagiras.

Already in Goetia, I started my practice in Solomon’s Goetia in March 2023, and I continue until now, I have worked with some daemons for legal proceedings, love, conflict resolution, causing conflicts, improving health, fast money and studies, defense and attack.

Some Daemons I’ve already worked with: Baal, Agares, Vinea, Orobas, Seere, Eligos, Sitri, Vapula, Eligos… For Attack I’ve already used Furfur and Leraje…

I’ve been focusing more on personal development, opening roads, protection, but I don’t stop doing harmful magic when necessary.

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law . Love is the law , love under will .” Aleister Crowley’s


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Welcome to the forum!

That’s so cool, how long have you been practicing?

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Thank you,

I have been practicing goetia for almost a year, I started in March 2023.

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