Hi, new here

Hi, i’m Riccardo and i’m new to this world.
I read a lot on forums and a little on books.
I tried to talk to some spirits but i can’t, i cannot sense that.
The more i walked in this magical journey , my world became more strange and with more questions.
Like why Demons are evil for someone and good for others?
What do I search frequently?
How to communicate with spirits;
How to astral travel;
How to use innate - psichic abilities;
Everything that can help me,
I just want to know the real, fight for justice , for the good ones, and for the knowledge .
I’m Riccardo , hi to all.


Welcome to the community

Welcome @Riccardo_Pulichino

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice?

I tried to communicate with Lucifer, Sastan and others but, never felt some.
Only one time, i was meditating on the sigil of Lucifer and i felt like…void?
I was so little in so much darkness, was so huge, but i don’t know.
I asked for some signs, and i dreamt about Lucifer protecting me… i don’t know.
There are times that my brain like gives me answers that Maria, mother of Christ, tell me something… i don’t know.
i want to practice and have results…what can i do? something that doesn’t hurt no one and would be usefull to me? any tips? i don’t know what to do onestly. i want to talk to spirits.
Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many interesting things.

Try this method:


Check out the forums search feature for all your questions. You have a 95% chance that all your questions have already been asked and answered. Good luck!

Welcome to the forum

im currently reading Robert Bruce’s book New Energy Ways… you should probably get some of his books in astral projection and energy work.
i wish i had read his book at beginning of my journey


I am using his course on balg, mastering kundalini and energy work. I love it.

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i want to reach astral to do so much…i’ll search for this book! thanks to you and all the people here!
Are the thing in the book working? like did you went to the astral realm?

Welcome :blush:

i did went astral a few times and the etherical realm (the space in between the physical and the astral) a couple of times. The etherical is where i struggled tho. That’s why i started reading his books recently. He’s a pro on astral projection. I’ve 3 of his books. i’m reading the first one.

Man let me know your progress :slight_smile:
will search his books!

i just started reading his books… ask me in 6 months
what i have realized from reading the book im reading is that i’ve been trying to force myself out of my body but probably without enough energy most of the time. Gotta strength my energy centers.
I get it makes sense… there have been a couple of times where i got part of my etherical body out of my physical body and then i got stuck… i thought it meant my body just didn’t want to let go of it but now i think i just didnt have enough energy…

here goes a tip for u tho… if you’re able to have lucid dreams… next time you’ve on… shoot yourself into space. Do that… tell me what you experience.

Man i had only one lucid dream, i’m searching something that could me help with that.
I don’t know if i could trust some spirits as a beginner that can’t sense them…
What would you recommend?
i was thinking to contact someone this night… it a long time i don’t meditate and i don’t know if i should call upon someone…but i want to be a friend with some spirit… i know they can teach a lot…

hm… what did i do to increase my lucid dreams??? Hm… let me think…
i think i just started practicing… i had a dream journal for a little while…

Do you wanna work with or demons? Or you jare cool with both?

I called upon lucifer… I want to call some angel now, want to know all ahah