Hi I'm new here and new to magic

Hello, I’m new to magic. I never done any sort of magic or spells or evocation or anything. I’ve prayed to spirits that’s pretty much it. I have purchased spells from a caster that I believe I trust and is the real deal after doing some research. Anyway , I’m trying to get my ex back to be with me again. Our issues were about fighting about things we didn’t see eye to eye with although most our fights were caused by her family and other outside influences. We live together she’s trying to make me move out but I have no where to go. I love this women with all my heart and she says she loves me too but she’s not wanting to make things work. I’m really lost here. Some of the spells I have had casted about a few weeks ago were a Raum get ex back spell as well as an obsession spell. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. And just for anyone out there that says it’s not meant to be or you just need to move on bla bla bla I won’t take that for an answer becuase this woman and I have a baby girl together and I know she has feelings for me still. I want to make this work.

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Welcome to the forum.

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum :blush:

Thank you very much, I’m drawn to wanting to learn magic to get my ex back. The spellcaster I’m using is Kate Roberts from Solitary Morrigan

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I feel you with the whole trying to get your person back im going through the same thing right now. Mine keeps coming back and leaving again but honestly just stand your ground and keep telling her how you feel and just bring up what she has said something like that thats what i’ve been doing and it kinda works

Everytime I express my feelings and tell her what I want, she tells me it’s too late and she doesn’t want to be with me becuase she knows feels we don’t work . Every time I tell her how I feel she gets upset , angry and tells me I need to move out. She goes as far as trying to help me find a apartment. I’m hoping there’s some demons that can help me. I got a love spell that involves Raum to bring her back but nothing yet

I don’t know what to tell you honestly i think mine is my soulmate so thats why the heck he keeps coming back and he doesn’t know why he wants to talk to me either. I have a love spell somewhere in my screenshots and i can find it and post it here later

I believe my ex is also my soulmate, a few psychics have told me so and 1 told me she’s my twin flame. I really appreciate the spell honestly I do. I can’t practice any magic though , me and my ex still live together, we even sleep in the same bed. Practicing anything is difficult too because we work opposite schedules so I have my baby girl with me when she’s not here and her family is here too.

Dang honestly that is not gonna be easy i wish you the best of luck. If its anything like me well yeah its not fun. Please keep me updated and let me know if i can help

Thank you that means alot, I’m really trying . Is it ok to get multiple spells at once? Multiple spell casters and different spirits working for the same goal?

I don’t know i’m guessing as long as no one contraindicates each other or makes the spirits mad it should be ok. I dot know for sure though

I see, yeah I definitely don’t want to piss off any
Spirits or make them feel I don’t have faith in their work. I just want different spirits taking care of different aspects of a situation.

Personally, I don’t approve of the use of the term “soulmate” ,especially when it is spoken to describe an unbreakable bond between two people. Soul mates, aren’t necessarily lifelong lovers. They could be people that have been together for many lifetimes, without the need of sharing a love bond.

I see, idk how I would describe my ex then. We did have a very strong bond. We were best friends first before becoming something . Maybe it means nothing but to me it meant alot.

Not trying to degrade the term, just stating my opinion here. A lot of people use it and believe in its power.
I’m just simply saying. “Soulmates” aren’t necessarily “love mates”.
In my humble opinion you could be cordial friends with someone through many lifetimes and still be considered soulmates , even without the love element guiding your relationship.

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Hmm that’s true, yeah I like your view on this.

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I’m using her as well! She is definitely the real deal. I got reiki done on my ex and my reiki girl actually picked up on the fact that there was a spell done to him. So yes she is the real deal because the girl had picked up on it. I can’t comment on the outcome because it is still very early.

My situation is eerily similar to yours so i understand the struggle…

I purchased the obsession 2 weeks ago and just purchased the amon 1 week ago. I am interested in purchasing the raum though… How have your spells played out? What was your experience like?