Hi i'm JabyTheories

Hello everyone, I like refer to myself as JabyFish, even though that is not my real name. I have been into the paranormal for at least a few years now. I am insanely obsessed with magic and have had numerous paranormal experiences; the weirdest and most scary experience i’ve had involved a Styrofoam head. Now i have an obsession with them and have declared them as my favorite ritual objects. I’ve had some other small experiences, such as hearing a loud sound from my room just as i am falling asleep, after writing a bunch of creepy things and putting them in a bottle of water. I am hoping one day to be able to bring Styrofoam heads alive and have them move during the night. I also want to create ‘scenes’ as i so call them, for example: “if anyone open this door and goes into this bathroom, the toilet will flush itself, the shower will turn on, and then all of the pictures on the wall will shake themselves. The end.”
I may ask a lot of questions here on the forums. If anyone is curious about my supernatural experiences, feel free to ask!
Pictures of some of my Styrofoam heads:

Welcome to the forum!

So what exactly do you practice and how long have you been practicing? What kinds of rituals do you do with the heads… something with the aim of making them move?

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Mostly what i’ll do is make up my own rituals and chants to summon my own made-up spirits or thoughtforms. However, i have been thinking about buying the Simon Necronomicon and trying some of the rituals in there.
I have been practcing magick for at least a year (mostly thoughtform creation). I have had some issues from moving from one house to another, but i’m hoping to get things working just as well here too!
The only thing i have really done with the heads is tapping a singing bowl and telling it move. Unfortunately, i haven’t had much results with this, and i stopped getting results completely after i moved to a new house. The sigil on the head represents a thoughtform i once created, and i thought the head would make a good creepy vessel.
I have never gotten one of the heads to move, i kind of want one to move or turn around by itself, but i just don’t know how to make that happen.

I have never actually tried summoning an actual spirit though, so maybe that will help.