Hi, I’m new!

Hi all, I’m new here. I’ve always been interested in all matters spiritual. Magick, demons, angels, etc… I’ve been a long time lurker, and finally decided to pull the plug and join in on the fun. I’m by no means an expert on anything, I don’t even think I’d consider myself a beginner, I just like to read and learn while trying to absorb interesting information. I have however stayed at a Holiday INN Express a few times. Lol.

I hope to learn, engage, and form friendships and bonds with multitudes of knowledgeable people who don’t mind sharing information and dealing with a newbie who sometimes has a warped and sarcastic sense of humor. That being said I normally do know when it’s time to be serious, although occasionally, if tensions start rising, I’m one who tries (unsuccessfully at times) to break the tension with a bit of humor.



So you don’t practice any type of magick?

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No, not at this time. I’m not opposed to trying in the future, as a matter of fact I really look forward to practicing. I just don’t know enough to try it confidently. And from what I’ve learned, confidence is a major player. I believe if and when I do start, it would be some of the more simple candle magick for self improvement, possibly a little help in the money department. Eventually I’d love to be able to work and build relationships with higher entities such as angels and demons, gods and spirits from different cultures and religions; as I seem to believe they’re all intertwined as there’s a lot of similarities between the different entities between different cultures.

I think knowledge is one of the greatest gifts we can attain in this life.

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Welcome to the forum. And here is my thread that may help you.

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You’d have to be very warped and sarcastic to come close to me. Welcome!


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Welcome to the forum.

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