Hi everyone!

new and very shy magician.
hope you all doing well!! i’m intresting in increasing my magical power,becoming a a master in white and black magick and becoming a master also at healing.
intrested in all kind of magick goetia,norse magick,and everything that can help me get stronger energeticaly.i would be very happy to get some advices from the pro magicians like where to

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Welcome to the forum.

Do you currently practice magick, or are you a beginner?

thanks bro!
well…i do read a lot about breaking curses on every magick/hoodoo/voudoo field of study but i’m sucks
at practicing…so i’m a really at a beginner level… i wish my magick incantations will be more effective and powerfull…

Welcome. Here is my thread you might useful.

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i’ve been reading so mant topics here…and i can’t believe i missed that!!!
i’ve looking for stuff like this for ages how i didn’t see that? can’t believe this…
thank you purple!!!

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