Hi everyone

good evening, at the moment we don’t have a name, or rather I don’t know it. I practiced unconsciously until the age of 20, for 14 years I have been practicing with conscience and with some teachings given by a friend. I hope you can help me get to know me. at the moment I don’t know what I am.

You’re typing on a keyboard, which means you’re human. Any spirit incarnate into a human body is human by definition.

What kinds of teachings did your friend give you so far?

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Welcome @Bathruk

What, exactly, do you practice? You haven’t really given us much information on your magical experience.

Do you practice any specific systems or traditions?


in a spontaneous and uncontrolled way I have premonitions, I usually travel in the astral world. my friend was able to teach me only the rudimentary bases of an archaic method of my region, or how to meditate and how to interact with the surrounding world in its realities, from that moment on I practiced assiduously combining everything with the reading of the 21 steps .

I came here invited by a friend, in search of knowledge, or rather … of explanations to what I live and what I know

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Yes of course…but… whats kind of spirits?

I’m sorry I don’t understand this question. (I know whatsapp is a messaging phone app.)

Well welcome! and hope you have fun :slight_smile: This forum is over 8 years old, there’s a search function and multiple categories to help you find common knowledge, and if you search “unofficial tutorials directory” we collected the best how-to threads all together in there.

In my opinion, this is your subconscious getting messages it things are important through to you. It’s a skill anyone can develop and some people like yourself are in closer contact with the subconscious naturally. Perhaps you are an artist or you had supportive parents so you didn’t shut it down as a kid, who knows why, really.
Astral travel is very cool, that’s how I work the most as well, only I call it journeying.

Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and again, welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile: