Hi Everyone, we are going to try to share this profile as a couple and hope that is ok

We are Derrick and Jill we hope we will be welcomed here. We are pretty new to all of this so any helping hands will be welcomed. We are open to any questions to get going and we will try to let you know which one of us is answering you.

Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome to the forum. Please tell us a bit more about yourself (yourselves) as this doesn’t quite meet the criteria for a proper introduction.

How old are you?

Do you have any experience in magick at all?

If so, what?

If not, what areas of magick are you interested in?

What goals and striggles are you looking to magick to help with?

I am 59 and my wife is 54
We live in Chicago
We are completely new to the but we are both very interested.

In what? You haven’t said what brings you to magick and this forum.

The name of the forum is what really attracted my wife to the site. Since we are both addicted sex and everything sexually we both put our own sexual climax as the extreme high and that does not fit in with other beliefs.

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So…sex magick is your thing. Cool :slight_smile:

totally and completely for both of us. I really believe that because we are both addicted to sex and we are married to each other the intensity is increased for both of us. I could be wrong but we both though that this forum would not have any “hang ups” on that.

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Nope, no hang ups. You should check out our “Sex With Demons” thread :rofl:

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my good friend is here watching porn and jacking cock with me and I think the forum is going to get another member. I just got a reply from the text messages that I have been sending to my wife and she said she is going to log on the site, should be fun

This smells like troll spirit.


Shhhh! The Boss is typing… I want to see what she says.


The only problem with shared accounts is the “we” thing can add a kind of dominating effect, humans are at heart pack animals so knowing two people are speaking in (for example) disagreement has more of a daunting effect, than simply speaking to one individual.

“We are in unity, you are alone” is the oldest primal method of enforcement known to mankind.

Individuality is prized on here, and I cannot understand the practical reasons you would wish to share an account? :smiley:

If it’s a sex thing and you both want to have visibility on any private chats, this isn’t primarily a hookup site, though of course people do form crushes and relationships sometimes, but if the intent is openned in PMs, when you attain TL2 you will be able to create group PMs anyway, allowing both spouses total transparewncy as to what is said.

So, to sum up, I’m not saying it’s against the rules, but neither can I see any real value in it, and I can foresee the possibility for problems, which I ask you to respectfully consider if you are very active on the forum. :+1:

These are our full forum-specific rules by the way, just so you’re all on the same page - there is a basic boilerplate version in the T&Cs and this clarifies how those are applied in specific circs on this community, and with our subject-matter of magick:


What if they are hive minded and only speaks in “we” and “us”?
We can not out-rule the possibility of an hive-mind attempting to infiltrate humanity by trying to sound human, and talk about human stuff, primarily sex.

Raises a certain body part on me…my eyebrow.
I am not going to be judgy, but is really sharing caring in this instance?
Is this TMI?

Should be a song by a bizarro earth band called “Gehenna”, but Nox raises a very valid question.

Is this couple a real couple trolling us with their alleged sexcapades?

BALG is a very weird place to be in, much like a Lovecraftian horror novel, so far we gone, that we no longer can differ fact from fiction.

No matter, welcome aboard, Weareacouple, I sure hope you are human. :slight_smile:


Damn you saw through us


Either that or extraterrestrial life attempting to make first contact.

Is this the new area 51? Are we the chosen ones?

Does that mean that we actually are right in everything about magic and how reality works?





I wonder what thoughts alien would have if they actually stumbled upon BALG and decided that “this, this right here shall represent our first contact with mankind”.

Pretty sure they would reach out to me first. :smiley:


Does that mean you got exclusive nudes via pm?

Lucky guy.


Admittedly im taking this a bit more seriously than I should but I think it highly depends on what type of ET
Also im sure there have been plenty of “first contacts” here


@NeoFightTheNyophite Like the extremely high amount of “how do I get my ex back” threads.

This seems like a very overanalysed topic to break ice as a first breakthrough contact with us.