Hi, do you know any banishment that does not require imagining colors?

Hi, do you know any banishment that does not require imagining colors because this negative entity took away this skill.
I already have two, but I still need to learn some meanings with one because it is a bit difficult to understand but if someone knows it, he would give it to me in clearer instructions.
I would be very grateful, it would be nice to do 3 banishments a day to get rid of the intruder.

This ritual to translate into clearer instructions:

Facing East, in the centre, draw deep deep deep thy breath closing thy

mouth with thy right forefinger prest against thy lower lip.Then dashing

down the hand with a great sweep back and out, expelling forcibly thy breath,


With the same forefinger touch thy forehead, and say OI, thy member, and

AE {Note 1}, thy right shoulder, and say IXYPOS, thy left shoulder,

and say EYXAPITO; then clasp thine hands, locking the fingers, and cry IA.

Advance to the East. Imagine strongly a Pentagram, aright, in thy forehead.

the hands to the eyes, fling it forth, making the sign of Horus and

roar PION Retire thine hand in the sign of Hoor-paar-Kraat.

Go round to the North and repeat; but say NUIT.

Go round to the West and repeat; but whisper BABALON.

Go round to the South and repeat; but bellow HADIT.

Completing the circle widdershins, retire to the centre and raise thy voice

in the Paian, with these words I AN, with the signs of N.O.X.

Extend the arms in the form of a Tau and say low but clear:





Repeat the Cross Qabalistic, as above, and end as thou didst begin."
now the question is, can I draw this pentagram instead of imagining it?

I have been doing salt baths with cedarwood and lavender oils with blessed water for a few days
and this banishment:
Ashtu malku ta dat arkata
Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempal krez ta felta
Vaskalla regent met senturus
Ta sastrus estos melta
Kelta, kelta, kelta hine.

This is from the KoF.


You can. You’d have to draw it in the air with your fingers.

If you look to the far right of this page, you’ll see the way to draw it.


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                   Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

Imagine a light from the heavens coming up to you as you bring your hand to your forehead, utter the lines-Ah tah
bring it to your chest-MAlkuth
On your right shoulder-Vegebura
On your left shoulder-Vegedula
now stand in prayer position-Lay olam Amen

Draw a PEntagram at the east-Yod hey vav hey
Draw a Pentagram to the North-Addonai
Draw a Pentagram to the west-eh hey eh
Draw a Pentagram to the South-Agla

Then you stand in a cross
Before me Ra pha el
Behind me Ga bri el
On my right hand Mi ka el
On my left hand Au ri el

Before me burns the flames of the pentagram and inside me shines the six rayed star

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The question now is whether this version has something to do with jehovah and angels?
If so, I do not want to do it

I am so sorry that you have worked hard and wrote it, thank you for help, but I do not want to have anything to do with archangels.

I’m sorry I could add it

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An Entity took away your ability to percieve / imagine Color?

Try to go into your Astral Body (you don’t need to leave your body for this, just become physically aware of that subtle lightbody) - and use the sight of that Body to replace your regular sight for colors.

That should solve your problem.

Besides - why do you think you need colors to cast a banishment?

-there’s been people who couldn’t see in the physical plane at all,
who used the skill. So… don’t really understand your concern here.

  • Try to link it to a simple reflex, we used to have in an earlier version of these human Vessles:
    Blink, with the “inner” eyelid. That Eyelid would normally close from the nose outwards towards your ears.
    Even tho you don’t have that Eyelid physically developed,
    you can use that mechanism to link up your Astral sight with your regular physical sight,
    and make it a habit to cast that enhancement towards your eyes.

So basically blink from nose to ear,
to activate that enhanced sight,
once you established the Lightbody in that areal.

That’ll help you getting used to it and making it more convinient.




I just can not see anything in imagination just what he gives me or total darkness.
I think it happens when, for example, Lesser Demon attachment lasts for many years and is deep in the subconscious.
The Black Witches have told me this.
Such a strong sticky attacker is able to attack the mind very much, almost controlling it.

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… sounds fucked up.

Focus on completely golden light,
try a candle flame as focus point while you do that.

Make it fill out your complete body,
and push anything that doesn’t belong into you,
out of you with it.
Breathe it in with every breath,
and make it solidify within your body,
with every exhale.

That’ll strengthen your energetic grid,
and remove any parasites attached.

-note, that the candle will allow you to get the right “color” of light,
even if you can’t percieve it.

It’ll automatically tune your energetic frequency correctl.

The right point to gaze at, for the ideal result,
is the middle of the upper tip,
or, in other words,
the upper third,
of the Candle.

The body of the Flame always haves that specific frequency you need,
right there.

That way, you can’t miss it,
even if you’re unsure of how to get the “color”.

Besides, due to the Gazing you’re synchronizing with that specific type of Energy,
that’s why it will work, regardless of your perception.

If you want, you can add this to distract your mind during that working. :wink:

The Audio Stimulation will keep you from feeding into your doubt.
(with friendly greetings from Azrael. :hugs:)



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thank you very much for help


with friendly greetings from Azrael

He said it or did you add it?

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while i heard the song, i realized that he had been guiding me to it,
and was speaking through it. :wink:

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what does it mean?

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how should i make that even clearer…

An Angel, a celestial being, just like a Demon, is a specific force.
It can manifest in different forms,
and it can be transmitted by different mediums.

This medium, seemed to me,
clearly holding that essence within itself,
and guiding along,
with the specific work we’ve been discussing.

Is that detailed enough for you?

Let me give you another example,
just for your comparison:

  • holds the essence of Lucifer within it.
    In other words - Lucifer is speaking through that Song.




Do you believe in jehovah?
Do Archangels believe in jehovah?
Do angels stand for christianity?

You can just replace the names of angels with demons.

No to both of those questions.

Now you disappoint me!

Do you want help,
or do you want to ask questions which have been answered a hundred times already.

Use the Seurch function!



I know what is the people’s answer and I have read these posts but I still do not trust them why?

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  • to be more precise,
    “why” would i want to answer it for you AGAIN, then. “?” rethorical question - i don’t expect answer here.

Do not be mad at me, these are just my questions.
Some time ago I almost believed that they want to help us but a few people told me that they are just pretending but they do not care much about people and even harm them in secret.

Dude, stop taking what others say to you as fact and use your own judgement with the experience you generate with working wih either entity.

You could argue redirect back and fourth on here for an eternity.
Do the work yourself and make a judement call or decision and build your practise from there.

After all your doing this to affect your life…why wojld you base your beliefs off what others believe.

Do the work yourself , and the results speak for themselves how they affect ur life.
Opinions of others dont matter , when u experience the truth of yiur own experience.