Hi all new member here

hi new member here ,
i got very interested in Na’amah evocation by Uncle Al

hope to get more experience from all the members here


Welcome @jimz.

Please tell us a bit more about yourself.

Are you a complete beginner? What types of magick are you interested in?

Hi , thanks for the warm welcome ,

i started reading about magic and spirits as an attempt to help boost my efforts ,

which is Wealth and casual sex with hot chicks ,

and reading uncle al’s post on Na’amah kind of made me registered to the forum here :grinning:

So, you don’t currently practice?

Not as yet. dont know where to start ,:tired_face:

going through the forum posts though,

a nudge to initial direction would be appreciated :grinning::bowing_man:

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Don’t pay any attention to Uncle Al. I can’t stand that bastard. Thinks he knows fucking everything - as if! Says that he only posts stuff he’s used and which he knows works. The guy’s full of it. And he’s so pretentiously up himself that every time I come across his posts it turns my guts.


Thank you very much , going though it now ,

will pop in again to bother you when it gets really daunting :joy::bowing_man:

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Noted :joy::joy:

I like your efforts bro, looks like both of our visions align😅