Hi all just a little about me

Hi all,
I am using the name of “SoulSmith” as it feels right to use as I am rebuilding myself :slight_smile:
I am a male in Australia ACT area.
I am new to magic, but I am interested in so many areas of creating desired outcomes and manifesting I guess.
I am embarking on personal change, so I need help with a lot of DUMB questions :slight_smile:
I am looking forward to being able to ask people question about magic another past life [not past lives as such] experiences that never really gelled. I am a private type of person but I do warm up to people as I get to know them.


No such thing as a dumb question really, I know opinions differ but if you’re seeking knowledge, you’ll always be tem leagues ahead of those who jealously guard their ignorance. :wink:

I already PM’d you some info, don’t forget to check out this topic:


@Lady_Eva, kindly connect me with the beginners forum tutorial and advance tutorial. I saw something like undergoing a test but I can seem to be that link again.