Hi! So I am trying to work on my meditation. Can anyone recommend me something?
Also as a baby witch( i think this is the term?) what do I need in order to practice things? Like what are the basic objects that I would need and what “lessons” should I take(like I know that I have to work on my mediation skills, but after that I don’t know what I should research)
I really want to learn everything I need too , slowly, so thank you for helping me^^

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Hello and welcome to the Forum. I hope you will have a great time here.

I can only speak for myselve but i think baby witch is not the appropriate term for a beginner. Sure there is much to learn but we dont Start as babies once again :smiley: as a fellow beginner (i am not super advanced) i tell you to practice whatever feels right and learn.

And please feel free to ask any questions you have :slight_smile:

Best regards

I cringe every time I see this term. I get that it’s a modern term that people think is cute, but this isn’t Reddit or Instagram and thinking of yourself in that way doesn’t lend the authority or omnipotence useful for major workings.

Well, what are your interests? Are there topics that jump out at you? Are there topics you tend to shy away from?

There are lots of threads for meditation as well as the unofficial beginners guide from Lady Eva, our moderator.

Please use the search function next time, your questions have already been answered in many threads.

You’ll find plenty of beginner friendly information and tutorials in here, but feel free to do your own research as well. :+1:t2:
Welcome to the forum.

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