Hey guys

hey guys, a kelvin am new…ofcourse u can see that, am from africa, Kenya. i have always been an enthusiast and i can even call myself a huge fun of King Paimon but i have never had that experience with, if ya’ll could help me understand this better and help create new experiences in life. i would really appreciate it

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Welcome to the forum.

Do you have any experience in magick or are you a complete beginner?

am a complete beginner.

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Thank you for elucidating upon your experience.

We have many great beginner resources so please take full advantage of the search function (the little magnifying glass) in the upper right. Just type in what you’re looking for, like “evocation guide,” for example, and you’ll find them.

Welcome to the rabbit hole :slight_smile:

rabbit hole, am not a fun of tight places…i was reading a conversation between you and a lady from Netherlands and i gotta admit, ya’ll seem crazy or unreal or straight out from a movie we see here, ya’ll are talking about this other reality where a man can envoke or invoke spirits, magikal powers etc…there’s only two possibilities, either ya’ll are crazy at the same time or ya’ll actually believe in this

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If you don’t believe magick is real, then why are you here?

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all i know is that am aware and i know that what i have been told or heard from my peers is complete bullshit it doesnt make any sense to me, somehow they always collide, i know my truth but am surrounded with my past and even if i know this, i somehow cant move past it, i feel stuck. and i just want to get out, but could you just urself in my shoes for just a minute, am 23 year young dude who feels completely alone, am trying to break this sealing thats holding me down kwanza i got online to learn about crypto and how to trade to atleast try and change my life, since childhood i always knew i was off from everybody else. i have looked for God sometimes i find some peace but it doesnt last and am back to where i began, i feel cursed there’s all this negative energy around that i cant seem to shake from…look man i get it, am not saying magic is real am not saying it isn’t either. am just a young guy looking for something. you know its real right? well am a beginner, just help me out.

It’s healthy to be sceptical, but, just like religious indoctrination, scepticism can become a form of extremism and prevent growth and expansion so keep an open mind.

We have many varied beliefs on this forum, some that probably sound delusional or psychotic to most people, but all are welcome so long as they don’t try forcing their beliefs on others or proclaiming to have the Capital-T Truth.

As I have already mentioned, use the search the function to look up whatever you are interested in. We have a lot of information here on diverse subjects such as evocation, meditation, chakras and energy work, money spells, love spells, curses, etc.

What areas of magick are you drawn to? Without knowing what you’re looking for, it’s hard to point you in the right direction.

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honestly i do not know how to answer that question, am completely new to all this, all i know about magic is what i see in movies, but am going to take your advise and search, soon i’ll be able to know what am into.

If you feel negative energies around or in you, start visualizing a shield of light all around you. Then imagine all the negative energies leaving you, they go outside of that shield (for me it looks like a big golden egg) and they cannot get back in, only good stuff can come in. It might take a while to work, but whenever you feel bad, work on this.
My mother taught me this technique when I had problems as a child. And it always helps me alot.


it can be anything? no special spells or anything like that?

The shield is like a basic method for not letting negative energies harm you and keeping the positive energy that you created with you. Controlling your energies is required for any spell to work.

can i tell you something about my childhood and after you’ve read it you tell me your honest opinion?

sure, I won’t judge.

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when i was a kid, and this is according to what i was told by my cousin who was with me at that time, am from africa, Kenya. we lived close to the wild, what separated us from it was a hill we called langalanga, so one morning i woke up with 2 snakes in my armpits one black one yellow, they were both young ones, my cousin killed them and i cried not out of fear but because she killed them, i rembr having knowlege of sex, i was even sleeping with a girl about my age at that time, i was off as a child, i didnt believe what the churches were teaching people i could see the lie through there acts, sometimes i thought i had powers, i thought i could see how things could end. i was even able to convince my entire highschool mates that i was in the illuminati at a time i believed it as well, coz somehow i felt lucky in a way but also very unlucky in other ways…i could go on and on on how i think am special but the point is right now my life is so upside i dont see how am going to make it, its hard to keep the faith, so i try to connect with the nature around me, i love the nature, the animal kingdom fascinates me, i see the messages they send, its like i can interpret some sort of metaphor from their existence. something relative to my own existence. did i screw myself up in my childhood, why is my life so hard, i have never earned a pay of more than 5$ a month, every time am about to make a very important life changing decision somehow some shit comes up, either from within me to the out or vice versa. now am a 24 year old guy with no valid education, no friends. am so fucked up and so scared that since i tried to slit my own wrist i will fall and end up hurting myself again. am scared. i have really good ideas, dreams, desires. but i have been self destructing and it feels like i would never get to achieve them, probably why am so attracted to paimon, the way people talk of him, seems unreal.

I feel like you’re blocking your powers from developing, you feel insecure about it and you don’t really believe your own experiences. Stop doubting your own powers. Revive your connection to nature, it seems to give you peace.
I believe we are either in this world by choice or to learn something. So either way, giving up won’t solve anything.
Practice what I told you. Become aware of the fact that no negative energy can harm you if you don’t let it. If you are cursed, you can break it. Don’t get me wrong, negative stuff will always happen in this world. But you can choose to not let it get into you, and it won’t break you.
The yellow snake is interesting, cause I had a yellow snake around my arm in a dream a few nights ago. So maybe someone sent you to me. :wink: If that’s the case I tell you not to give up.

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u think i have powers?

thank you, i did not expect that reaction from you at all.

Yes you have power, and no need to thank me. Thank the entity that lead you here :grinning:

you say i can break a curse, well how can i know if i am indeed cursed and if so how can i break it.