Hey Guys - I am Layla :)

Hi there!

I am Layla, a 29 year old living between NYC and London. I am oddly attracted, fascinated and at times, obsessed with the occult.I am sure it comes from a deep wanting to know and explain the unknown. I am of arabic decent, have an uncle with traditional knowledge of black magick and owns the Shams al-Ma’arif (arabic grimore which has never been translated) Our family NOW is very ‘religious’ and heavily practicing muslims however we have had at least two possessions of family members and black magic is heavily practiced in the city where we originate. It is not an open topic of discussion in our households unless it accompanies god or religion, etc. I am wanting to learn more about ancient occult rituals practiced today and why it is hidden and taboo. I am dabbling into things but am still a bit afraid based on experiences. Here to read others experiences, share and learn more :slight_smile: Thank you for this forum.


Hello Layla. Do you have any experience in magick at all? Are you a complete beginner?

Hey Mystic - Void !

I am a beginner with quite a bit of knowledge if that makes sense - I own a few grimoires. I have made contact with Bune (I believe) but definitely starter level.

Oh that’s ok we all had our starting points!
Make sure to abuse the search function for anything you may need ( this hellhole is loaded with info) and don’t be scared to ask publicly if you happen to not find what you’re looking for.
Best of luck.
Infernal blessings sister :black_heart::metal:t2:


Thank you so much!!



Welcome to the forum @Layla! :blush: