Hey :)... apprecticeship?

Hey miss Mason. I bought the book u recommend and someone on the forum is selling me “awaking Lucifer” and I will be purchasing a 2 hour colsoltation THIS THURSDAY I hope we’re able to talk about my goals and dreams of becoming a active member in the occult community. I KNOW I was meant for this path. And I will once my funds become active this October I WILL PURCHASE like 5000$ In colsoltations and purchase EVERYTHING, for it’s my goal to be a certified ceremonial magician and Shaman. And it would be an honor for you to be one of my teachers and guieds to my assention. I can’t wait to talk more in future. Blessed be sister

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Well, thank you for your interest in my work, but I don’t have a school of magic to give you a certificate. I appreciate that you’re willing to spend a lot on my books and services, but for the beginning I’d just recommend that you read my “Draconian Ritual Book” (available on Amazon), try a few exercises, and see if this kind of magic is something for you. You say that you’re interested in ceremonial magic - that’s something I won’t teach you. Draconian magic is not ceremonial. It can be, if you really want to, but in its essence it’s not about performing complicated ceremonies but developing yourself through simple and direct methods such as energy work, meditation, ordeals and initiations of your day-to-day life, etc. It seems that your interests lie in a different area, so I suggest that you check out some exercises and practices on your own before you start investing in the path.


Draconian is dragons right? If so what is it like becoming a dragon sorry if I offend but it seems like a good path for someone who wants to help people lol

Just read the book: https://www.amazon.com/Draconian-Ritual-Book-Asenath-Mason/dp/1535272384/ It was written for beginners like you and you’ll find it all explained there.


Draconian means harsh is ancient Greek.


There was a discussion about that on here last year actually:

I think for the most part, within magick it’s now related to all things to do with dragons, it’s far too good to let go, and in English and other languages, the same words can have different meanings dictated by context. JMO though. :slight_smile:


I agree with that, languages are like living organisms, they adapt, change and evolve over time. Now, in my opinion, the symbolism of the dragon has different meaning depending on the paradigm. For example, there’s a branch (?) of wicca called dragonian wicca where practitioners worship dragon entities like Fanfir etc. Having read most of Asenath Mason’s books, I can safely say that in this case draconian has nothing to do with dragon worship. The word is used to describe the energies of the current which are by nature primal, raw, harsh and hard to control and the dragon, among other things, symbolizes this primal nature. So in this case the word is much more related to the ancient Greek concept, hence the different spelling. So, we see that just within the context of magic the dragon symbolism can stand for very different things. Anyway, I hope I haven’t derailed this thread much and besides that, Asenath does a much better job explaining all that in her books.


Well that’s more then alright :). I do not seek certification from you Miss Mason. What I seek is purly guidance and teachings through personal consolations. The way u described it by Draconian mediation is even more of a sell. I was told once u can read all the books but nothing comes like a one on one teacher (which is what I seek) I do not vaule certification from you Miss Mason but only the knowledge u teach. I will read all your books. But id love to study personally from u as well miss. Thank you:).

Of course, feel free to book a consultation and we’ll discuss how to go from here, but I still recommend that you get familiar with the path at least in its foundations before that.

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I will :). Can’t wait to learn from you Miss Mason :slight_smile:

Excuse me miss Mason i don’t know if its the best time to discuss this ive come up with a process for the 9th volume regarding gatekeeper Satan called “Black Enchantment” its seems to work too well ive have been doing it for 3 nights in the row, i trying to pm EA no such luck, i think its doing something to me im starting to resignate, its a subject if added to volume 9 it should be classified, im going to go again tonight just see really how far i could push it.:+1:

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