Hex/Sour Jar Spell

how do people do these hexes? i’m not finding any resources that are helpful to me or books. i see a lot of people using candles and doing rituals and I’d like to know that method

Sour Jar- do i have to bury it/far from me?

The most effective sour jar I made didn’t really have any set instructions or anything. It was to cause a male to have sexual problems and issues with his male member. I took his pic, drew the sigil of the spirit over his groin, called on said spirit to assist me, put that, along with some nasty stuff in the jar, closed it, shook it, took a penis candle, rubbed dark arts oil on it, stuck it with some nails and thumbtacks (I was angry) lit it and placed it on top, let it burn down, took the jar and wrapped it in black electrical tape so no light can ever hit it, then hid it in a dark corner in a cabinet. The guy tells me he has issues with sex and has a hard time getting and keeping it up.

Some people do their jars differently but this is what works for me. I don’t bury the jars because I’m not able to where I live, but I’ve had success with throwing them in a dumpster or if all else fails, murky water, river etc. somewhere nasty. You can bury in a graveyard, but be very respectful when doing so. I’m not sure about burying in your yard, as I don’t bury my jars, but I’m sure someone will chime in and give their advice.

I hope I helped a little.


Best to bury them near the crossroads on the outsides of town.

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what happens if you don’t?

I wouldn’t like to keep the energy in the house with me, that is one thing.
Never done that either, so this I can not answer, I prefer to have the touch of the elements unto it to make the work stronger, so either water or to bury(earth) I prefer to bury most of the time as I dont like to polute the river where I live and there is a bigger chance of someone finding it and opening it.


I don’t do jar spells because most require burying them afterwards and I got nowhere to do it. I wouldn’t want to keep hex jars at home.

I always had a technical question when it comes to jar spells though… do they all eventually explode?

AFAIK, the explode from gas buildup from the wet elements inside, especially vinegar or urine (common in hex and domination jars).

Did anyone have that happen?

And speaking of wet ingredients… what about fungus?

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What if you don’t have a full length picture of someone? And where does one buy a “penis candle”? Or can you make one out of wax? Can you make or buy a candle for another body part to hex or cause disease in that body part? Where do you buy “dark arts oil”? Can you be more specific about what was “nasty stuff in the jar”? Did you say any ritual words, or just have angry feelings, which may have been why the spell worked? Thank you.

Vinegar and Disinfect Wipes/Spray, are they dangerous together like break glass kind?

It really depends on the ingredients in the disinfectant, but yes, vinegar can react with certain things, like baking soda, though it’s generally not explosive enough to break glass.

Any time you mix an acid and a base, you will get some form of chemical reaction. However, it is unlikely to result from vinegar and disinfectant.


Wipes won’t have enough bleach in them to do anything. You could unpack a whole bag and pour a whole bottle of vinegar on them and nothing will happen.

Don’t mix liquid bleach and vinegar. That will make chlorine gas which is toxic.

If the wipes are just disinfectant that is NOT bleach, it doesn’t matter.