So I recently performed a petition to Hermes for some money and it was very successful.

Last week, I wrote the petition and asked Hermes for his aid. I was very specific asking for the Covid Unemployment grant in my country which I missed for two months due to not getting any messages to receive the money. He asked me to bury a few coins as an offering and I did. He is a very flirty deity and keep in mind I’m a guy…

Now I asked for it in a week but due to circumstances, I received it by the second week and I received much more than I asked for.

The first day I went to collect it, I asked for the wrong grant and was asked to leave. On the second day, the line was ridiculously long so I left. Today I went and had to run all around town looking for a quiet place but eventually I got much more money than what I requested from Hermes.

So thank you Hermes I appreciate it and I highly recommend him to others!!

The lesson is that sometimes it may seem like the Gods and Spirits are not helping you but if they said they will, you will get more than you expected. Also things take time so if you don’t get your request delivered in a week, don’t be an ass to your guides. They got your back.

Kubera was upset that I didn’t work with him but I will at some point. Hermes is fucking amazing though.

First money ritual? Success!!


yeah I know about that flirty thing he has
Anyway yeah he is quite efficient and helping
and nice, I just wouldn’t expect he supports you like in a really long term stuff, because he kind of get distracted or so, so I would recommend working with him in more like inmediate business thing.

like if you would wish to start a business from scratch and you know it is going to take like a year to have it all ready, he probably will come and go, so sometimes you will be missing him

Glad to hear this! Amazing!

I’m very interested in gods related to communication, by the way. What do you use as a focal point to reach him, if anything?

image of the god in my case never a symbol

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I have the images, problem is that for a project I’m working in I need the images in paper and I can’t draw a straight line to save my life. Hermes has an easier symbol, the caduceos, by I’m also calling Thoth and Ganesh. Kind of weird on my end, I know.

how do you evoke him . what’s his sigil and enn

Gods from ancient cultures predate enns.

For a focal point, either the image as @Teodoro_Fortunato said or his caduceus.


I connect to him via music.

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I keep seeing rabbits everywhere and I’ve had Hermes references pop up absolutely EVERYWHERE!

Fitting considering I’m about to start on my Communications degree. Not sure if it’s him trying to get my attention for something but if anybody’s knows how to interpret that, I’d love to hear it :relaxed:

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Yeah Hermes is awesome, he has a big heart too

He’s helped me before and delivers very well


Most likely sounds like a sign. I recommend him!!

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This hymn reallt connects to him

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