Bathin is like an airplane!

velenos have you worked with HERMES ? how do i summon him ?

BTW, I moved the thread to the spirits section, since it specifically inquires about Bathin.

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do you know how to summon Hermes?

Didn’t I just told you exactly that in another thread?

I couldn’t find it

I replied to you, you should have a notification.

You could ask Bathin to open opportunities for you to travel. Although I would also pair it with a spirit woukd could help bring in the funds to be able to do so such as Bune if you wish to remain within the Goetic spirits.


I haven’t worked with him but I have met him, Greek Gods are evoked through their hymns.

where can i find his hymn ?

One of the options is that he helps with astral projection/soul travel; theoretically, when (and if) reached an advanced state, also bilocation.

Bilocation isn’t advanced, bilocation is just being able to project and remain conscious at the same time basically partial projection as well as projecting while also maintaining another projection.

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i heard he can move a magician to another country

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Can you hear spirits?

How do you don’t overload with so much information?

Also, according to catholics bilocation is being in two places at the same time, if I remember right.

Yes being conscious here and aware of your projection is being in two places at once, partial projection, maintaining 2 projections at once is being in two places at once as well. You learn to bilocate during basic projection practice because you’re conscious when trying to follow the method of moving your energy body limbs without moving your physical limbs.

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No, what I meant is that according to catholics bilocation is being in two physical places at the same time. In La Habana and in Paris, at the same exact time. You get it.

Ah okay, now I see.

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Yes, bi-location is being physically in two places at once. There is a saint who was said to have been kneeling in prayer, and giving a lecture, seen by others, at the same time, though I can’t remember the name off hand.


I think it was Saint Antony or something