Here's a Money Spell

Only on a Monday…Go to a 4-way street (Crossroad) and place 4 pennies facedown on each corner. As you place the pennies on each corner, ask Papa Legba for his assistance in receiving money.

*Note: The amount of money should not be larger than $1,000.


Hello Miss Aurora…big up on the B. Hemmitt Ritual :wink:

Hi Ptahso…and thanks! :slight_smile:

Have you done the 4-way, 4 penny ritual? If you have, , how did it work for you?

Yes I have, last year. I did end up getting the money I asked for however, it did take a little longer than expected. Others may have different experiences though.

Im curious, how long?

It took a couple of months O_o
I think it had moreso to do with me and my “mental state” during that time and not the spell itself.

I have did it myself, and the results were not to impressive. As with ANYTHING I know it had/has/ always does, gotta do with me., I know at that time, I was conducting the ritual from a basis of fear and lack, and one thing that keeps cumin to attention from various sources RITE NOW matter of fact , is that when doing ritual, it’s important to be clear/ aligned within, cuz if you are doing a work for something, and that something is desired to cover up, or mask or make up for some self perceived deficiency, then the ritual may work, but it will also AMPLIFY and manifest those other things within that we haven’t dealt with as well. I have found that to be spot on, especially lately.

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…just ask a demon

Man, I feel this affinity for Legbe. I’m going to try this out; thanks Aurora!


I want to know more about it as well.

Personally I have Extreme respect for anything related to Voodoo, and the last thing I would want is to mess it up with it.

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Ptahso, that is SO TRUE!

You’re welcome Nick! :slight_smile:

[quote=“UndeadGod333, post:11, topic:44”]Nice spell. I wonder if those who are not initiated into a path working with Papa Legba are inviting more loss into their lives… Any thoughts on this?

                       U.G.333.[/quote]  I'm not at all versed in voodoo, but I gotta tell ya, I've yet to meet a Daemon who did not respond well to Respect, Good Manners and Genuineness!  Just sayin'   Z

It’s Monday and I happened upon this post while reading through the forum as I was sitting at the park. I saw a crossroad about a block away and had the necessary pennies in my car. So I asked for Papa Legba’s help. My magick always works so I can’t wait to see the results. Thanks for posting this.

Let’s not forget, were dealing with intelligences, consciousness, ancient FORMULAS, that are…wait for it…ASPECTS OF YOU! I don’t get down wit all dat scary fairy shit. " Oh I didnt put out the right type of rum…IM GONNA BE PUNISHHHED! ( whiny-voice)…fuck that. REMEMBER: SELF DEIFICATION is what it’s all about. WE ARRRRRE them and THEIR US. Let him wit MELANIN (666) and a ear ta hear do so now…If you ALREADY fucked up, then you can definitely expect sum fucked up shit out yo rituals. Ever noticed it’s the ones who got that religious indoctrinization who are always gettin “fucked up” by Magick. Religion to me is like the 6th grade, theres nothin wrong wit 6th grade if your 11/12 yrs old, however there definitly may be sumthin wrong if your 55 yrs old, still in 6th grade, awaiting your 40th year of summer camp. I think alot of us are still veiwing this occult shit through a religious paradigm, whether we know it or not. And since perception is everything,for Myself, It’s about veiwing all this through the eyes and objective of SELF-DEIFICATION, there truly is only really one Self.

                  *** WELL SAID, PTAHSO   ***

Being among those who had to go thru the necessary & excrutiating process of UN-indoctrinating myself from religion, I can and DO affirm that all you speak is accurate. Now that I’ve gotten myself to a much better place - a much better state of being - I have little patience with folks who sit on their “Holy” ass waiting for somebody else to rescue them … and no patience at all for anyone who dares argue against my RIGHT to be free of their culture.

Again, well said! :wink: Z

PS: AND, I have the added benefit of being Proud as Hell for taking care of Myself!

Phatso when you say the demons are aspects of the self do you mean that they are part of the subconscious mind? If so how would it be possible for the demon to cause such large amounts of change in the physical realm when the magician himself could not have caused it

Necromaster - EXCELLENT QUESTION! And, of course, I’m eager to put in my two dollars worth. But first, I’m very much want to see to see Ptahso’s response, since you directed the ? to him… :wink: Z

 > Ptahso!...PTAHSO!! ... Where are you?   YOU GOT A QUESTION!
                               (Reckon he heard me?)