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No need to wait any longer Zoe…well let me first say that I, personally, just my veiw of it, do not necessarily believe “Demons” exist soley in one’s unconscious mind. Like you have heard the term, " His Demons got the best of him" well, depending, those could be construed to be a “Demon”, cuz you can definitly say he was under attack and influence by, negative thoughtforms, albeit, HIS OWN. Converesly, I know that there are thoughtforms in the COLLECTIVE unconscious, and within the different vibrational dimensions and so forth. So no, I don’t believe that they JUST exist in Jon Smith’s mind alone. But since Jon Smith is just that person’s ego construct/ identity as he knows it, here in this dimension and in this particular example, and WHO and WHAT Jon Smith is realllly, when you get right down to it, IS The Source, The Unknowable, as you peel the layers of onion that is, was, Jon Smith. AND since we are all individualized( well perceived to be individualized) fragments, for lack of a better word of THE SOURCE/ THE UNKNOWABLE/ THE ALL IN ALL, that must mean that ALL these deities/demons/angels/fairys/ smurfs/ etc. must also HAVE to exist WITHIN. As far as affecting change on the “Physical” realm, well, isn’t that basic quantum physics, that the OBSERVER 'S THOUGHTS and INTENTIONS DIRECTLY affect this ILLUSIONAL ( Malkuth) reality? WHich isnt by any means solid in the first place? Once again it depends on the person observing. If I prayed to my laptop to heal my ailing dog, and my dog miraculously healed, was it my laptop that healed him, or was it my knowing that me? Cuz if I asked you to do the samething, you’d probbably think I was full of shit, and in turn, it probably wouldn’t work for you. But I’d swear up and down that the HP Demon was real. Once again, boils down to perception, alll down to perception. There is no right or wrong, just ones perception. If you take a more religious approach to your work, more power to ya, if you take an atheistic approach…more power to you. I definitly dont have all the answers, and I feel there is divinity in being able to say " I don’t know"…

Well put phatso

Ah, Ptah, Architect of the Universe, you explain your craft VERY well. No need to embellish. :wink: Z

[quote=“necromaster, post:22, topic:44”]Well put phatso[/quote] I also want to say, that as an Evolving Being, I recognize that my veiws and opinions, are gonna change. whats true for you 2day, may not be tomorrow. As I learn and experience for myself, just like you. I am just grateful to be able to ask questions and talk about our Craft like this, you know? Peace and Blessings

Do i need to be aligned to any particular system in order to be able to perform this spell?

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Here’s a cool tip/ idea next time you are at the casino

On the odd occasion I feel like my psionics or however is spelt come pronounced by random chance given that poker machines are based on algorithms designed to fail you but when I direct enough control and intent into certain slot machines — there can yield a big return, this has happened on the off chance that it could’ve hit that jackpot anyway, but these occurrences only happened when I was deeply inebriated, deeply focused on attracting the right PATTERN all so in fact it always happens on that one ODD occasion I don’t expect.

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Yeah that makes since lol thanks. Good Morning, what do you think then? I let it sit in me for a moment but my first thought is that all magick comes from source, so even without but especially because i have Lucifer i should be able to perform all Magick right?

Definitely the ultimate form of magick right there. Imposing our will on the world around us without ceremony but with focus, intent, and Understanding. I most certainly will do that when i hit the casino