Hereditary Movie

How does everyone feel about the negative light put upon King Paimon in this new film. I was personally disgusted… I’m very sick of horror movies always trying to throw negative twists on Daemonolatry. Perhaps it was King Paimon himself who nudged me to post this but I just had to say something…


I was thinking about going to see the movie but is it really that negative? Without spoiling it too much is it one of those movies where the demon just does a lot of things against humans just for evils sake. Instead of the focus being on the summoner as being responsible and the demon just fufilling a pact without feeling.


King Paimon was in the movie? I haven’t seen it but want to cause it looks scary and cool.


I haven’t watched it just was looking up things about king paimon and came across spoilers. And yeah it’s bout as stupid as the excercist with Pazuzu.


Do you have any reference to king paimon in this movie?

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Yeah just look it up on google. It’s a spoiler for sure but yeah.

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What isn’t understood is usually demonized…Thx you for speaking and defending King Paimon :revolving_hearts::cupid::metal:


He’s done nothing but good for me. And I’ll always defend his name. :blush:


thanks for the spoiler


Not what I intended to do sorry. Not really a huge spoiler either though. There’s much more to the story aside from the name of the Daemon. :confused:


Asshole, hopefully soon a movie giving the good informations concerning demons will came. It’s annoying to see shits like this. We should all do some bad critics on it :joy:


I haven’t asked King Paimon about it but i’ve spoken to Belial and Valac about how demons are portrayed in movies and the answer from both was basically “Meh, no such thing as negative publicity.” :man_shrugging:

As long as their names are on peoples minds and tongues their prepared to play that role, and it’s not like it’s anything new.


That’d make for a remarkable movie. There are tons of Japanese anime’s that do this already but I’ve never seen a live action movie ever do it.


In fact, this is true. But I have to admit it kind of piss me off for little reasons such as it will probably attract people with the ‘wrong reason’ to contact spirits when they will see it’s actually a real reference for exemple “Oh let’s try to contact him just to know what will happend”. I don’t think they need more disrespectful disturbance with ignorants.

Another reason would be for exemple the fact that my ignorant friends (even if I love them) would find there another new great reason to spit in my plate, I assume we all have this sometimes and we handle it well but it’s annoying. A lot of people just stay focused on the bad idea from the mass and honestly even though it makes some publicity I don’t really see the point of publicity when it just attract cunts and reinforce stupid ideas.

But well I suppose this will never end.


Completely agree!


Based on my experience with spirits like King Paimon they view such things as our own challenge to overcome, our own barrier to cross so won’t interfere much over with it, making that first contact with them despite all that fear is truly something they admire about us, as individuals and as a species.

Also all the spooky hollywood nonsense can help weed out the wimps and posers so it has its uses for them like everything else. :smiling_imp:


That is very correct as well. Still it doesn’t change the fact that it piss me off :rofl:


I saw the movie just now at the cinemas. Wow.

Also as a sidenote I’ve been pronouncing his name wrong. So it’s pay-mon and not pie-mon. I’ve remembered the King part though and so that’s what matters. Not like I’ve evoked him before anyway.

That ending though… I wanted to laugh. If you think King Paimon inspired you to make this post, don’t you think he might’ve somehow inspired those movie writers to put in that ending? I mean sure, a lot of murder and guts and gore, but that showy ending was amazing xD He must’ve been a little flattered, surely. I mean I don’t know him personally but can’t anyone else feel that?


As a person who does work with him quite a bit I have to repeat what two others have said. It sucks for the whole belief that we follow that fear mongering will continue to taint these beings names but publicity is publicity. But also King Paimon is very kind and to me it was legit a piss off to see his name run through the dirt with Christian nonsense.


This is Hollywood. If they can’t even get an Asian character’s race right in Ghost in the Shell don’t expect them to be accurate in anything else.