Here is a Simple Protection spell

I am sharing this spell for beginners who wants to practice Black magick. Also this was my first spell I did when I started walking on this path. I recommend to start off with simple spells and don’t go straight into spells such as curses or hexes because you can harm yourself

-black clothing
-the sigil of a demon you associate with protection, either drawn or imagined
-dragonsblood incense
-an offering for the demon


  1. dress in the black clothes
  2. light the candles and incense at your altar. if you have the sigil drawn, then put it in the centre of your altar. if not, visualise it there. place the offering on your altar.
  3. meditate until you feel you have achieved a stable state of mind. begin visualising a circle around your body. this circle is the actual spell that youre creating: a physical (though invisible) shield of magic that banishes unwanted energy.
  4. call upon the demon and say what you want from them. write what you will say out on your own as i want you to create your own path and don’t want to force you onto mine. just remember to be respectful and truly mean what you say.
  5. once you are done, meditate again, still imagining the circle around you. it should always stay there with you when you do spellwork.

Special thanks and credits For this spell goes to my best friend and mentor on this path. :dizzy:


Thanks for sharing !

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My pleasure.! :heart::dizzy::star2:

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Hello! Would you know any Islamic magic book that has an English or Spanish translation?

No, they are mostly available in Arabic. Islamic Magick deals with conjuring Djinn & archangels, divination, healing, protection Magick. Etc.

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I’m planning to post Arabic/Islamic Magick on here. Do you think it’s a good idea?


I think it is a great idea!
I read in another post, where you placed the image of an Islamic magic book, having commented that there was no English translation. At that moment, I thought of proposing you to write a material on Islamic magic, in English.
Glad to know that you thought of it!
I wish success!

I don’t wish to be a mean person but can you please clarify?

You posted this one week ago:


This was taught by my friend who is very experienced on this path. This was my first spell I practiced a week ago as taught by her…also you can see I gave credits to her at the end.
Thought to share with other members…

I am super interested in this

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Okay, so if you started magick one week ago it may be best to make that clear in future, as we do have a problem with people who join up as beginners and then begin giving others instructions as though from years of experience: this results in a “blind leading the blind” situation which I am sure both beginners and experienced mages alike would prefer to avoid. :smiley:

Since you say you’ve only just begun practicing, I suggest you make it clear when material is not your own work at the top of the post, not at the end - also, please be careful to avoid sharing works which may be in copyright. :+1:


Me and @DarkestKnight have already just discussed about it and I told him why I haven’t stated about practicing Islamic magick in my introduction. And that’s because as everyone knows there are is a lot of mocking and attacks on “Islam” from all over the world so I just took a precaution on this forum to not start any debate or something by saying anything like “Islamic magick” on my first introduction because I was reading posts on this forum for almost a week before joining and never came across any person who was a Muslim and was interested in Islamic magick. I do not say that I am some kind of an expert in Islamic magick, because some Islamic spells and rituals are so normal that even a kid who is 7 years old practiced it like reciting “hasbunallah wa nimal wakil” to protect oneself from harm. Or reciting “ya wadood” for gaining love and stuff. But now, I’ve came across some amazing people who are or were Muslims also some other people from different religious background interested in Islamic magick, I thought that it’d be great to share an amazing part of Islam which teaches magic…and also by doing that I do not intend or wish to make a reputation…and also I do not wish anyone to think highly of me by sharing Islamic magick…because logically answering there’d be no benefit for me building a reputation online instead of real life.
I hope you understand why and what I did :dizzy::heart: And I understand this is your responsibility to keep this forum out of doubt and unnecessary debates…I appreciate your work and your words. I’d keep your advice of putting the credits above the text not below :grin::heart:

I see. Well, with respect, that is a PM you had with a member and does not clarify for other people who are concerned how you go one week from being a beginner, to next week giving advice, so it was that I wish to clear up, if you see what I mean. :thinking:

There are many posts on djinn on here, so that’s something people discuss quite often. :+1:

The Muslims most people dislike are the by-the-book extremists who would happily have your own head on a pike in many regions for practicing magick. :wink:

Anyway glad we have that sorted, and thank you for understanding the importance of attribution, we have alas recently had problems with people plagiarising website to try and gain credibility and it is a serious problem for honest students. :+1:


I understand.! You have this huge responsibility on your shoulders to keep the forum clean from tricksters and those who just come here to deceive.
But it’s a relief that we have sorted this out soon enough. I Hope you were not burdened because of me. :slightly_smiling_face::dizzy::heart:

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Yess! And these extremists haven’t even studied Islam and everything that comes with it including magick. They use a fabricated narration of prophet to kill those who practice magick. And that’s absolutely wrong. They are the ones who are to be killed.

I promise there’d be no further complains from me relating to anything here. For now I’m forgetting everything I’ve learnt including Islamic magick. Because I wanna embrace this path And since I’m new to LHP I’ll just sit in the corner of this forum quietly and learn from the amazing people here. I will only post what I’ve experienced of different rituals Which I will practice often. And if I do make any mistake again I know you and @DarkestKnight are always there to correct me. Thankyou for your amazing advice. And Thankyou for clearing this up…I wonder how many people have taken me in a wrong way if you and @DarkestKnight haven’t sorted this out. :dizzy::heart::bouquet::sunflower::wilted_flower::pleading_face:

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its a good idea but u need to translate it because the rules of the form indicates that all threads response shall be written in english

Thankyou.! And yes I will translate it into English when It’s the right time to post that on here. Since as you can see there are so many misconceptions here. :slightly_smiling_face::dizzy::heart:


Thank for sharing I would try !!! :blush:

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Ofc! my pleasure :blush: