Here I am and this is the language we chose. If someone is a master in dark arts you can feel what I am

Im introducing myself for I aim the vatican seals first. Who can see me? Sorry I was blind to it. Visions opened up like a curtain who I am and what my mark really was in my mysterious adoption era. Hidden and damned I grew up and still live but I saw the reason for it. Follow me for the scale has tipped a long time ago brothers

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a little confused what you mean by that.

Apart from it,



:roll_eyes: I’m pretty sure that’s not a proper introduction. Try again?


For your introduction, you’re supposed to say who you are and what your experience in magick is.

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Yeah, we’re still going to request you tell us how long you’ve been doing magick, what got you into it, basically be a real person please.

I wrote this as well, please read it: To Jesus, Ma'at, And Any Other Gods Thinking Of Joining


I am a 29 year old guy that couldn’t sin more than what I had done. Used to command a guy to bbring me holy communion from church then went in isolated garages upside down cross burning on fire near the communion and pissing on them to turn off. See my innocence have been taken from me at 5 years old. Mother earth greeted me very harshly but today and recently I had vision and I understand why I always had a cursed life and why I am damned. I must suffer more than him. I come from the most foul place that can be. A place where witchcraft still is pratcised today = Romania and got adopted hidden and protected from od’s / accidents vehicle and much more countless literally. My bloodline is Samyaza’s and I shall reveal my visions until I am asked to. Tips scaling because of God not forgiving their request to end all they had then as Watchers and scales that I saw is that many Fallen will eneter the gates once more. But tilll then I got much to do. I changed my sleep pattern so i do not dream anymore somehow its helpin cause i only remember certain picture like state not entire vision that used to drain me and listen to latin which i do not understand. I always bore a mark on my left hand and in my adoption papers the doctor tried to find out what incident i had as i was born with fire but couldnt find what the mystery was. Too much weighs on my shoulder and I didn’t ask for this ubut with it comes power. Just need books to practice like grand grimoire and books to invoke angels and demons and my magick history is I did 1 occult when I was 16 and did it wrong my friend. I was the assisstant so it came on us instead. The idiot pointed the dagger to some place wrong.