Herald Of The Black Star - Lucifuge Rofocale

Herald Of The Black Star.

Lucifuge appeared to me as “The Herald Of The Black Star” I had no idea what that meant. What I was told would change my magick and spirituality forever.

The dark fiend taught me what the black star is, how you may ignite it within the self, what the powers and abilities that you may gain from its ignition.

My arts of divination, evocation, soul travel and such were elevated far surpassing what I was normally capable off.
I came to understand the connection between the theoretical dark stars of our own universe and the black star of Lucifuge.

Powers Of The Black Star.

Benefits of igniting the black star.

  1. Dark illumination
  2. Demonic Empowerment
  3. Command The Black Legion
  4. Telepathic Instantaneous Transmissions
  5. Become a vortex of godlike knowing to omniscient degrees

These are just some of the many other powers and abilities one shall activate within one’s own self.

Deprogramming & Deconstruction Process.

In this pathworking undergo deprogramming of the psyche and a alchemical deconstruction process readying you for the path ahead.

Wiping the self slate clean to carve upon it scriptures of power which Lucifuge the scribe of the underworld will do, in a very intense way.

Rituals Of Alignment.

Rituals of aligning you to the various hidden currents of power, so you may swim within the elixir of power held by the fifth demonic gatekeeper.
Immerse yourself into Lucifuge through my various rituals and exercises I present in the tome.

The Lucifuge & Thoth Connexion.

I take the reader through the connection of Thoth and Lucifuge, plus the connection of The Black Star and the Gate Of Amenti.
Including my ritual notes and workings that will involve the ancient god Thoth into the workings off Lucifuge.

Various Other Things.

Loads more from incantations, Litany, Fetish items, Profound Gnosis and more.
All this shall be found within my contribution to the upcoming Lucifuge Compendium.

Don’t miss out not only on my contribution but the amazingly powerful work of all the other great magicians I am proud to be writing with.




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